To find out which companies are the best for HR management, Workforce editors, along with researchers from the Human Capital Media Advisory Group, the magazine’s research arm, created a statistical formula to sift through publicly available information to separate the best from the rest. The result of that analysis is the inaugural Workforce 100 list. While we’ve come up with one answer to the question of which companies are best for HR, we look forward to the conversation with you that results in furthering the discussion. The 2016 Workforce 100 List will appear in the June issue of Workforce.

To see the companies that made the 2016 Workforce 100 list, please click here.

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The Workforce 100 chart indicates the rank order and scores of the 100 companies that performed best in seven core areas: workplace culture; employee benefits; diversity and inclusion; employee development/ talent management; HR innovation/management; leadership development; recruiting and talent acquisition. The working assumption is that high performance in these categories would provide a reasonable proxy for overall HR excellence.

To create the Workforce 100, researchers collected available data from a representative list of benchmarking and ranking programs in the identified categories (see component lists) and generated a score based on indexed performance in two areas: breadth of recognition and depth of recognition.

The reason for this method was to create a ranked list that made comprehensive HR performance the primary focus rather than excellence in one core area. Using this method, organizations that are recognized on multiple lists but do not perform perfectly will be ranked higher than organizations that are ranked in one area but perform better.

To generate the score, researchers averaged and weighted overall representation on lists across the seven core areas. For example, ADP, the top-ranked company, was recognized on five separate component lists and therefore had a higher possible score than McDonald’s, the fifth ranked company, which was recognized on four component lists. That measure of broad participation was then indexed to overall performance of the company on the component lists.

The top ranked company was given the highest indexed score on a scale of 10, and the others were then ranked according to their performance against that benchmark.

Component Lists:

Best Companies for Healthy Lifestyles (National Business Group on Health)

Best Companies for Leadership (Hay Group)

Best Company Retirement Plans (Wall Street Journal)

Chief Learning Officer LearningElite (Chief Learning Officer magazine)

Diversity Value Index (Diversity Executive magazine)

DiversityInc Top 50 (DiversityInc magazine)

Fortune Best Companies to Work For (Fortune magazine)

Fortune Most Admired for HR (Fortune magazine)

Talent Board Candidate Experience awards (Talent Board)

Training Top 125 (Training magazine)

Note: Some lists are compiled by active participation from the companies listed and therefore do not recognize companies that decline to participate.

Q. How can I further promote my win?

A. Workforce 100 press kit materials are readily available upon request. Contact Taylar Ramsey, at to learn more.