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Helping employers navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of employment and labor laws, rules, and regulations, rationally and pragmatically.

This Week in Racism

May 19, 2014
Employers must be vigilant in rooting out, and stopping, racist speech in the workplace, or face the consequences of potentially damaging, and expensive, discrimination lawsuits.
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Formula for Lactation Policies

May 8, 2014
Women enjoy the legal right to reasonable breaks for lactation in the workplace. Two different laws grant this right: the Affordable Care Act and Title VII’s sex-discrimination protections.
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Potty-Mouthed Employees

May 6, 2014
Most non-union employees are at-will, which means you can fire them for any reason, as long as some other law, such as discrimination laws, doesn’t trump. So, if an employee has a potty mouth, you can fire her, right?
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