The Roads Not Taken: Quality and Access in Mental Health Care

AT&T and Equity Healthcare serve as two mini-case studies for how employers can seek to improve quality and access in mental health care.

The Catalyst for Payment Reform recently held a virtual forum on “How Employers are Demanding Better Mental Health Care” on May 1. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I found a lot of this information to be very valuable, especially the speakers who spoke about the access problem and the quality problem. I enjoyed these examples as basically mini…

Five Practical Ways to Support Mental Well-being at Work

Having a holistic mental well-being strategy that includes prevention, intervention and protection is essential for unlocking a workforce’s true potential.

The American Institute of Stress reports that stress is the nation’s top health problem. This makes sense, as mental capacity is highly valued in the workplace but can also be highly vulnerable. Today’s workplace, with technology, fast-paced growth and decreased resources, can contribute to increased stress. Companies should value the mental health of their employees as a top asset and…

Maneuvering Maternity Leave: Returning to Work

This HR leader recently returned to work after maternity leave. Using her unique perspective as a mom and as an HR professional, she provides strategies for how HR professionals can aid new parents transitioning back to work.

It wasn’t until I returned to work after my own maternity leave that I truly came to understand the plight of the working parent first hand, and to call it “a challenge” is an understatement.

Price Transparency and Innovation Star at Midwest Business Group on Health Conference

MBGH's annual event focused on where there’s room for improvement and innovation in employer-sponsored health care.

These past several weeks have brought a whirlwind of travel, conferences and webinars, and, boy, my brain is full of too many ideas! I’d love to share some event-season takeaways and practitioner questions with you before conference season gets even more hectic: First, the Midwest Business Group on Health held its 38th annual conference at the Mid-America Club in Chicago…

A Goal That HR and Benefits Leaders Share: Engagement

Just as we know how to build best practices for designing HR programs, we’ve also developed best practices for driving engagement with benefits.

Just as we know how to build best practices for designing HR programs, we’ve also developed best practices for driving engagement with benefits.

Employees Asked to Mail It in to Fight Opioid Crisis

Providing employees with safe and secure medication disposal is a preventative measure to fight the opioid crisis and a logical counterpart to pharmacy benefits programs.

With the opioid epidemic costing employers upward of $18 billion a year in medical expenses and lost productivity, one company is offering a remedy to get excess drugs out of employees’ hands.

This Is How You Reasonably Accommodate a Disabled Employee

Ask yourself, have we done all that we could have done for this employee, or is there more we can do?

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 16 months discussing bad employers — those that so mishandled employees that they earned a spot on my list of America’s Worst Employers. Today, I thought I’d take a look at the brighter side — an employer that handled a tricky employee issue correctly. Jablonski v. WalMart (9th Cir. 4/26/18) concerns an issue that…