2017 Game Changer: Kellie Glaser

Kellie Glaser's director Renee Breyer says, “Kellie is exemplary of a true game changer."

Kellie Glaser, program manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California Kellie Glaser has made a significant impact on engaging Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employees as program manager. Glaser, 26, dedicated the past two years to improving the work-life balance of more than 6,000 employees. Her innovative programs include on-site cooking and language classes, wellness initiatives such as a…

2017 Game Changer: David Holden

Holden, a Florida-based Crowley Maritime HR director, isn't afraid of a heavy workload in multiple HR disciplines.

David Holden, director of HR technology, benefits and administration at Crowley Maritime, in Jacksonville, Florida Being tasked with heading HR technology, benefits or administration for a company of 5,000 people would be a full-time job for most anybody. Apparently David Holden isn’t just anybody, though. Holden, 39, is responsible for all three disciplines — HR tech, benefits and employee programs…

2017 Game Changer: Kristin Hamblock

“We wanted to take a more global approach to employees managing their health,” says Hamblock, who's zealous about her people’s well-being.

Kristin Hamblock, benefits and payroll manager, Rosecrance Health Network, Rockford, Illinois For a century, nonprofit Rosecrance Health Network has been providing addiction and mental health treatment to people throughout the Midwest. Kristin Hamblock, meanwhile, has been committed to addressing and impacting the health and wellness of Rosecrance’s employees since 2010. She entered the company, which operates currently in Illinois, Wisconsin and…

Just Another Day at the Office for Pets at Work

There’s even a holiday recognizing the benefits of a pet at work — though some contend it may be something to sneeze at.

As soon as Norman enters the offices of Pandera Labs in downtown Chicago, he runs around and says hello to all the employees. Norman, a 2-year-old dachshund, makes the workplace a little more bearable at Pandora Labs in Chicago; he even got his own company headshot. Photo courtesy Anthony Carminati Ready to start his day, he sometimes enjoys his breakfast…

By the Numbers: Pets at Work

Workforce has compiled statistics around an growing trend: pet-friendly perks in the workplace. How many companies are fido-friendly?

Forget the pet store. Unleash your beast at work. Learn how many employers permit pets at the office and more.

To Encourage Health, You Just Need a Little Nudge

Let's recap some benefits takeaways from Day 2 of SHRM’s annual conference, where people from MetLife, Google and more shared their ideas.

Another day at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2017 conference in New Orleans. Day 2 brought me a lot of opportunities to speak to HR professionals about everything from the skills gap to benefits strategy to financial wellness. Tropical Storm #Cindy is also coming in, so potentially we’ll all be stuck together for a much, much longer time. We’ll…

Benefits Are a Large, Important Part of Total Compensation 

On this first day of SHRM’s annual conference, the association released its annual benefits survey which comments on trends in the employee benefits space.  

The view of New Orleans from the SHRM conference. The 2017 Society for Human Resource Management conference is in New Orleans this year, which I love. I got to stay with my sister and her 60-pound pit bull for a couple of days before entering Conference-land. We went on long walks in the heat, took a yoga class and ate…

Montana Schools Take a Hike to Better Health

Employees of the state’s university system are three years into a program to improve their physical, mental and social well being.

The Montana University System was created by Neal Andrews and Cristin Stokes, who routinely release webinars, nutrition advice and fitness challenges online for the system’s employees. Hiking the vast country of Montana is now easier and more social for some employees seeking to improve their wellness. The Montana University System, which oversees 14 college campuses in Montana in 11 locations,…

Employers are Key to Reform in Our New Health Care World

Given that employers are footing a big share of the health care bill, they have the opportunity to shape how the system evolves.

Health care reform remains on again, off again, on again … who knows. There is a lot of prognostication going on about what health care coverage will look like during and after the Trump administration. In the meantime, our inefficient and expensive health care system plods along into the future. With chaos in Washington, who will be leading the charge?…

Sector Report: Voluntary Benefits Have You Covered

Employers are picking up the tab on many voluntary benefit options; Also, the 2017 Hot List for rewards and recognition providers.

Companies that want to add value to their benefits offering without spending a lot of money are using voluntary benefits to fill the gaps. The idea behind voluntary benefits is that employees pick and choose from a variety of additional benefits packages, and cover the cost themselves. It’s a growing area of the benefits sector for a number of reasons,…