Making a Business Case for Mental Health

The DMEC’s Terri Rhodes shares some suggestions for how to train managers to address mental health in the workplace in a compassionate, appropriate way.

Set in Seattle, Frasier is full of witty dialogue and honest conversations that normalize mental health problems. Outside of sitcom-land, the DMEC is one organization which aims to normalize them as well. This is my first “Frasier” blog of 2017. I’ve decided it’s my mission to remind people what a treasure this 90s gem is. It explores everything from serious mental…

The Workplace Legacy of Barack Obama

The last eight years saw a surge in worker-friendly regulations as the nation shook off the deepest recession since the Great Depression. But some of his efforts failed, and a Republican president and Congress could further undo key Obama policies.

Lilly Ledbetter stands with President Barack Obama the day he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Courtesy Barack Obama had been in office a mere eight days when he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act making it easier for women to sue employers for equal pay. It was the first law he passed as president and a…

Tracking the Affordable Care Act

As Congress tackles health care in America, the future of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, could be radically different this time next year. Or not. Workforce is keeping tabs on important developments in the ongoing attempt to repeal and reshape the ACA.

While the Affordable Care Act is a public exchange for health care, there are plenty of workplace implications now and in its future, should it be repealed. As that effort moves forward, the workplace stands to be affected, as well. Job-based plans offered to employees and their dependents cover 150 million people, according to the Health Affairs Blog. The ACA…

The Benefit of Setting Work-Related Goals

The Benefits Beat's Jennifer Benz suggests a few aspirational resolutions for you and your team going into 2017.

  It is the new year, which means it’s time to snap out of our indulgent holiday habits and get back to real-life goals and aspirations. For my team, this means launching 2017 campaigns for our clients. After all, this is an ideal time to get employees engaged in benefits! There are countless benefits and programs that can be easily…

Health Insurer Unum Expands to Offer Dental and Vision Coverage

The benefits leader hopes to become a one-stop shop for the comprehensive benefits package.

Unum Group announced that it is expanding its benefits offering through the addition of Unum Dental and Unum Vision. The Chattanooga, Tennessee-based employee benefits company is offering the coverage through the services of Starmount Life Insurance Co., a dental and vision insurance company acquired by Unum in 2016. Dental and vision insurance have become more popular over the past several years,…

The Implications of Obamacare’s Future on the Workplace

Based on last week’s Obamacare meetings at Capitol Hill, what might workplaces expect in health care in the upcoming administration?

Dueling meetings regarding Obamacare took place last week on Capitol Hill, with President Barack Obama leading the Democratic lawmakers and Vice President-elect Mike Pence leading the Republicans. Both sides discussed the future of the Affordable Care Act and of health care in America. The Republicans want to replace and repeal, but they don’t yet have the replacement plan. According to…

Corporate Yoga: A Vehicle for Emotional Health

Yoga is one of many options in the corporate world that is tackling emotional well-being.

Lyndsey Morash was working at a long-hour, high-stress job in Boston in 2012. Meanwhile, she was also taking classes to become a certified yoga instructor. She soon started a business based on her experiences as an employee and a yoga enthusiast. 83 percent of consumers said they needed the most support for emotional well-being, according to a 2016 Aon survey….

Despite Repeal Efforts, ACA Compliance Moves Forward

Employers expect changes to arrive gradually, if at all.

  It didn’t take long after Donald Trump was elected president for Republican legislators to reignite efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but that’s not stopping employers from moving full steam ahead to comply with its provisions. “Whatever changes to the ACA or other legislation affecting health benefits pass, they are likely to be done step-by-step with long lead…

Castlight Acquires Jiff in First Wellness Deal of 2017

More consolidation in the wellness industry as Castlight Health and Jiff combine their companies and resources in hopes of becoming the most comprehensive platform in the industry.

Castlight acquires Jiff in first wellness deal of 2017. Castlight Health Inc. on Jan. 4 announced its acquisition of Jiff Inc. in an all-stock transaction— yet another sign of the growing trend of consolidation in the corporate wellness industry. The transaction is expected to close by the first half of 2017, and MobiHealthNews estimates the deal is worth $135 million. Current…

Supplemental Health Coverage Makes Employees More Responsible

Certain benefits options can help to bridge the gap as health care costs rise and to make employees more responsible for their own health care management.

” are now moving down the path of being more engaged in the management of their health,” said Mercer’s Tim Weber.Once considered a side dish, voluntary benefits are now making their way to the main course — especially supplemental health care coverages such as hospital indemnity insurance, gap insurance, accident insurance and critical illness insurance. In the most recent Mercer…