Sector Report: The Pressures of Financial Wellness

Small wins and baby steps are helping personal finance make a good first impression with workers, but like a trip to the dentist, a little courage goes a long way toward long-term health.

For a lot of American workers, dealing with personal finances is a lot like the anxiety they feel about going to the dentist: they know it would be better to go and get it over with but the fear of what they may find out can be overwhelming. Stress about money pervades every age, income level and gender, a new…

Employees Use InDays to Improve the World Around Them

LinkedIn is using themed self-improvement days to promote company culture and retain employees.

A monthly InDay theme pushes LinkedIn employees to benefit the community or themselves through volunteering and other efforts. On the third Friday of every month, a LinkedIn employee somewhere around the world may be telling young adults to call their parents or help pay for a wedding at city hall. Maybe they’re volunteering at their child’s school or with their…

More Employers Are Dropping Domestic Partner Benefits

The decrease occurred mostly among employers that provided health benefits to same-sex partners only.

The legalization of same-sex marriage was a win for civil rights but it could mean lost health care coverage for some American couples as more employers drop domestic partner coverage. In 2016, the year after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country, 48 percent of employers provided benefits to same-sex partners compared to 59 percent in 2014…

The Price of a Family-Friendly Workplace

Paid family leave remains a contentious issue for employers nationwide. Although its federal future is unknown, employers are stepping up their game.

The common argument by employers against instituting a more robust paid family leave policy is its prohibitive cost. That certainly was the thinking at Bora Architects, along with fears that employees would misuse the policy. Amy Donohue with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who asked to meet with her regarding supporting families in the workplace. Photo credit: Bora Architects. That mindset…

Cravings Are Key to Long-term Wellness

Employees can — and should — just do simple things today that would pay off big time down the road. But they don’t.

Humans are very bad at making good decisions about things that matter in the long term. Whether it’s choosing to workout over watching TV, a cookie over a salad, saving money or a new car, there are so many ways we satisfy our desires today instead of doing what we know will set us up for success tomorrow.  It’s not…

Parental Status Discrimination Is NOT a Thing. But Should It Be?

New York's new law grants paid leave for the same general reasons one can take unpaid leave under the FMLA. What it does not do is create a new protected class.

I received some great feedback on LinkedIn on last week’s post on New York’s new paid family leave law. That law grants paid leave for the same general reasons one can take unpaid leave under the FMLA. What it does not do, though, is create a new protected class. Indeed, discrimination based on one’s status as a parent is, in and of itself,…

Sleep Study an Alarm for Employers

Forty-three percent of working Americans don’t receive enough sleep each night, and 76 percent say that they feel tired at work.

Most employees aren’t alone when the alarm clock rings and they yearn for 10 more minutes of shuteye. Studies show that 43 percent of working Americans don’t receive enough sleep each night, and 76 percent say that they feel tired at work, according to a survey by the National Safety Council. Sleep is one of the three pillars of living…

Is New York the Beginning of the End for America’s Terrible Family Leave Laws?

It’s time to get ahead of the curve on the issue of paid sick leave. Given how far we have to catch up, it presents an amazing recruitment and retention opportunity for the American employer.

It is freakin’ hard to be a working parent in America. It is even more difficult when both mom and dad work. It’s not just child care, but also doctors’ appointments, kids’ sick days, summer vacations, winter and spring breaks, Labor Days, Memorial Days, and all the other “Days” (and don’t get me started on “teacher in-service days”). Beginning Jan….

Workplace Wellness Programs Don’t Have to be Pricey to be Effective

A program with a purpose and commitment can provide positive and productive results.

It used to be that the harder and longer you worked, the more respect you earned from your peers. Those long nights and bleary eyes were the sign of a very dedicated employee. But thanks to our digital-first world today, we’re now on 24-7 whether we like it or not. We tried to maintain that good old approach of long…

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Optimas Gold Winner for Benefits

Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global company with 27,000 employees, was able to modernize and streamline its benefits process while also keeping it local.

Simplifying employee benefits is difficult for any company no matter its size. When you consider the same challenge for a massive, global biopharma company with 27,000 employees scattered across 46 countries, a single solution seems impossible. Bristol-Myers Squibb had many challenges embedded in its paper-based, low-tech benefits process, including language barriers, resource constraints and conflicting priorities. The New York-based company…