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5MM: Insurer Deal Rejected; A Blast from Labor’s Past

Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss the workplace implications of federal court rejection of two major health insurer mergers. Also, find out what happened when the U.S. got rid of its guest worker program in the 1960s and the latest on Zenefits.    

Make Performance Reviews Effective Again

Performance reviews have taken many different forms, with some companies doing away with them entirely. But they’re still important. Here are some tips to use them effectively.

Performance reviews are a way to evaluate an employee’s performance over a specified period of time. They are also often used to determine year-end bonuses, raises and promotions. Because of this, they can be tricky to do correctly and efficiently, but here are six tips that human resources professionals can use to help guide the review process at their organization and…

By The Numbers: Food and Drink

We are what we eat and drink... especially at work.

Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. This month? Food and drink. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.

5MM: Zenefits in the News Again

Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell focus on Zenefits and its latest scrape with regulators in the state of Washington. The benefits broker will now charge $5 per employee. The good news is, David Sacks tweeted that he will remain as chairman. They also reveal Google’s top search words in 2016. Surprisingly, none had to do with Zenefits, or…

Some Workplace Haiku to Start Your Week

Feeling inspired? Then join in the fun!

Lately, the news has been so grim, with elections, and overtime rules, and data breaches, and federal agencies that over-step and over-reach. I figured, why not start the holiday week with some levity. Cleveland’s Fox 8 recently published a list of workplace haiku. Here are some of my favorites: Office thermostat Why do you hate me so much? I’m freakin’ freezing…

Employee’s Misuse of Medical Leave Grounds FMLA Claim

Watch the schedule of absences closely and aggressively pursue potential fraud.

Employers often tread too cautiously when handling employees on FMLA leave. Despite this caution, courts will to side with an employer that terminates an employee after uncovering abuses of FMLA leave. Case in point? Sharif v. United Airlines (4th Cir. 10/31/16). Masoud Sharif and his wife, both employees of United Airlines, took a scheduled out-of-country vacation from March 16 through April…

Lessons From a Job Interview

Unless you are certain that an interview question is 100 percent job-related, don’t ask it.

Last week, Steven Colbert conducted a mock job interview for President Obama. During the course of the interview, he asked the president questions that referred both to his age and the national origin of his birth. Oops. What lessons can employers learn from these few moments of late-night frivolity? Many interview questions may seem innocuous enough, but create serious discrimination…

OSHA Whistleblowing Manual Muzzles Employers

We typically think of OSHA in terms of workplace safety. Safety, however, is only a small part of what OSHA does.

I sat in my family room earlier this summer and watched in awe as Usain Bolt completed his gold medal triple for the third straight Olympics, cementing his legacy as the greatest sprinter of all time. What happens, however, if the International Olympic Committee decides that it wants to give slower runners a chance at that illustrious gold medal? While…

Don’t Ignore Unpaid Leaves as a Reasonable Accommodation

Under the ADA, an employer must consider granting unpaid leave as a reasonable accommodation.

Two recent EEOC lawsuits (here and here) illustrate the risk employers continue to take when they deny unpaid leaves of absence to employees as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA. A Detroit casino operator violated federal law by denying a reasonable accommodation to and then firing an employee because of his disability. According to EEOC’s lawsuit, Michael Lepine was a…

Workplace Issues in the Presidential Debate: Did I Miss It?

As a blogger hoping to get some meaty content relevant to the workplace, Clinton and Trump gave us more bologna than porterhouse.

My guess is that you are sorely disappointed if you are an employer or involved in some form of people management hoping to glean insight to presidential candidates’ positions on workplace-related issues the morning after the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I would be. And as a blogger hoping to get some meaty content to write about…