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The Top 6 Employee Handbook Mistakes

These things should never happen in creating your employee manual.

Yesterday, I had a pleasure of presenting a webinar for The Builder’s Exchange: The Top 6 Employee Handbook Mistakes. For your viewing pleasure and educational enlightenment, I’ve embedded it below. The Top 6 Employee Handbook MistakesJon Hyman is a partner at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis in Cleveland. Comment below or email Follow Hyman’s blog at

Congrats to Philip Miscimarra on His Appointment as NLRB Chair

President Trump removed the 'acting' from Miscimarra’s title as NLRB chair, officially naming him to permanently fill the position.

I’m on record as calling Philip Miscimarra “mad as hell,” referring to his scathing dissents in recent NLRB protected concerted activity cases. I also have it on good authority that while he and I agree that the NLRB has gone off the proverbial reservation in these cases, he is not, in fact, mad as hell. Be that as it may,…

WorldatWork Names Scott Cawood as New President and CEO

He also has held senior leadership positions at Revlon and the Great Place to Work Institute.

Human resources association WorldatWork named Scott Cawood as its new president and CEO. Scott Cawood “I’m eager to join an organization that is so well poised to influence the daily experience of thousands of employees worldwide,” Cawood said. “It’s an exceptional honor, and I look forward to making even greater strides with the amazing team at WorldatWork.” Cawood will succeed…

Evolution of the HR Executive: From Personnel to Organizational Secret Weapon

Human resources is in the unique position of touching every single employee at every level and connecting with every major organizational initiative.

HR touches virtually every corner of every organization. We hear a great deal about how the function of human resources has evolved over the years, but this might never have occurred without today’s HR executive, who has driven this change through their own business savvy and knowledge. In the role of director, we saw the HR leader function primarily as…

For Want of an Oxford Comma

A court recently concluded that the absence of an Oxford comma was material to whether a delivery driver qualified for an overtime exemption.

The rock band Vampire Weekend once asked, “Who gives a f__k about an Oxford comma?” The answer, apparently, is the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, a whole lot. In O’Connon v. Oakhurt Dairy , that court reversed the dismissal of an overtime lawsuit based on the absence of an Oxford comma in a list of activities that qualify for a certain…

Overuse of Physical Therapy a Growing Pain Point for Workers’ Comp Costs

Ineffective physical and occupational therapies are impacting employers more than they’re aware of.

I recently attended an event for the Chicago chapter of the Disability Management Employer Coalition. The topic was tackling physical therapy/occupational therapy over-utilization, a national problem for employers, claims adjusters and case managers who handle workers’ compensation cases. Most of the talk was geared toward case managers, but the employer takeaway I got was that self-insured companies end up paying…

Mending Fences Could Be SHRM Leader Hank Jackson’s Legacy

The association's outgoing CEO has a chance to unify fractured relationships and hurt feelings in the aftermath of its controversial move to corner HR credentialing.

Maybe it’s just me but there’s been a lot of talk lately about legacies. Recently minted private citizen Barack Obama’s legacy as the 44th president is being etched as we speak; even before the Super Bowl kicked off, pundits pondered the legacies of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. We have legacy companies, legacy cars and legacy…

U.S. Chamber Calls for Common Sense Restoration of the NLRB

President Trump has already taken a step in the right direction by naming Philip Miscimarra as the agency's acting chair.

To say that I have not felt overly optimistic about our nation’s course over next four years would be a bit of an understatement. One area, however, about which I am very optimistic is the expected retooling of the National Labor Relations Board. This week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Freedom Initiative published a comprehensive report outlining the areas of federal…

5MM: Insurer Deal Rejected; A Blast from Labor’s Past

Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss the workplace implications of federal court rejection of two major health insurer mergers. Also, find out what happened when the U.S. got rid of its guest worker program in the 1960s and the latest on Zenefits.    

Make Performance Reviews Effective Again

Performance reviews have taken many different forms, with some companies doing away with them entirely. But they’re still important. Here are some tips to use them effectively.

Performance reviews are a way to evaluate an employee’s performance over a specified period of time. They are also often used to determine year-end bonuses, raises and promotions. Because of this, they can be tricky to do correctly and efficiently, but here are six tips that human resources professionals can use to help guide the review process at their organization and…