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The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas (2017 edition)

As this has become a year-end tradition at the blog, I’m sharing it again with updated verses and links.

For the past five Noels, I’ve concluded my posting year with “The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas.” As this has become a year-end tradition at the blog, I’m sharing it again with updated verses and links. If you’re feeling brave, post a video of yourself singing along. (Some musical accompaniment) On the first day of Christmas, my employment lawyer…

Announcing the Worst Employer of 2017

The contest will begin Jan. 2 with the first nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018 — The Holy Harasser.

The day has finally arrived. It’s time to announce the Worst Employer of 2017. To remind you, we had three finalists in contention for this … honor: The Cancerous Boss — An employee was diagnosed with kidney cancer and required immediate surgery to remove the tumor. His employer denied the request for a 10-day leave of absence, while telling him she…

NLRB Restores Sanity to Its Rules on Employee Handbooks and Joint Employment

These two issues were the bane of well-intentioned employers for the past few years. 

The NLRB recently started making good on its promise to roll back some of its more controversial Obama-era reforms — its assault on employee handbooks and its liberalization of joint employment. Employee Handbooks If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you are well aware of the NLRB’s assault over the past few years on garden-variety and facially neutral employee…

Marketing and Millennials Will Be on the Minds of Many in HR in 2018

Here are six HR-driven values we are likely to see transpire as the new year approaches.

The days are long and the years are short often refers to raising children. In 2018, C-suite leaders will look to HR to drive the organization’s ability to meet strategic corporate initiatives. The same can be said for human resources and to the ever-accelerating rate of change, and pace, of work in the industry. The coming year will be all…

Is This the Worst Harassment Training Video of All Time or Is It the Best?

This video could be so brilliant in its awfulness that it might just make a really good training tool.

Much of the news lately has focused on how we, as employers, can do a better job training and otherwise educating our employees about workplace harassment. So, I ask — is this parody the worst harassment training video of all time, or, is it so bad, that it’s actually the best training video? I think I’m leaning toward the latter — that this video is so brilliant in its awfulness…

Globoforce Names Steve Pemberton as Its New HR Leader

The noted diversity and inclusion leader will further employee recognition in his new role.

Steve Pemberton Steve Pemberton was named as chief human resources officer for rewards and recognition company Globoforce. Pemberton, the former chief diversity officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, the well-being enterprise of the drug-store giant, will work with Globoforce HR leaders and senior management executives worldwide to help them create relationships with their employees so they feel recognized, respected and appreciated,…

Workplace Accommodations Don’t Have to be Complicated to be Effective

One survey found that employees who received reasonable accommodations for their health conditions returned to work sooner, felt better about their employers and were more effective at their jobs.

When employers hear the word “accommodations” they might respond in several ways. Some immediately see dollar signs, thinking accommodating an employee’s health condition may require a high price tag for multiple pieces of adaptive equipment. Others may think providing accommodations are too complicated and would rather wait until an employee is 100 percent healthy before having them return to work….

Employees Who Allegedly Take an Employer’s Stuff Without Authorization Don’t Win Discrimination Cases but Might Win Defamation Cases

Be careful what you communicate about employees and their terminations. Sometimes less is more.

Jason Shann worked as the Enterprise Desktop Management Team Leader in the IT department of Atlantic Health System. He also suffered from tinnitus, a crackling and buzzing noises in his left ear caused by an Eustachian tube dysfunction. His tinnitus would flare up unpredictably, and, as it worsened, it caused him to suffer anxiety and depression. As a result, he…

9.8 Million Reasons to Consider Transferring a Disabled Employee to a Vacant Position

The EEOC claimed that American Airlines' return-to-work policy violated the ADA.

Earlier this month, American Airlines agreed to pay $9.8 million to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit brought by the EEOC. The agency claimed that the employer’s return-to-work policy — which allegedly refused to consider transfers to open positions for disabled employees, but instead required the employees to apply for and compete for vacant position upon their return to work — violated the…

5MM: The Workforce 2017 Optimas Award Winners

This year’s Optimas Award winners prove that savvy organizations must get inventive to solve complex workplace issues.

Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman introduce you to our 2017 Optimas Award winners! Our General Excellence winner completely flipped a corporate culture considered to be one of the “worst ever seen” by a respected consultancy. They are just one example of this year’s best as we recognize HR’s success at solving some of the biggest business challenges of our time. For more 5 Minutes…