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Clean It Up: Flu Season Prediction Labeled ‘Severe’

With up to 20 percent of Americans contracting the flu annually it’s important to prep workplaces for the annual bout with illness.

Just as quickly as summer ends, flu season begins. And the 2018 flu season is expected to be an extreme one, according to an expert at Baylor College of Medicine. One company urges its employees to work from home when sick to help keep the rest of the employee population healthy. “There is every reason to expect that we could…

Do You Know What to do When an Employee Dies on the Job?

Unfortunately it happens. In fact, according to OSHA it’s happened 357 times in 2017. Here are nine steps to follow.

It’s news an employer never wants to deliver. “I’m sorry, but your spouse (or partner, child, or other family member) had an accident at work and unfortunately passed away.” But it happens. In fact, according to OSHA it’s happened 357 times already this year. Indeed, it happened just yesterday, at Cleveland State University. A piece of sheet metal fell and killed a construction…

Sector Report: More Than an HR Database

Artificial intelligence and analytics tools are transforming the HRMS into a decision support system; also, the Hot List for HRMS providers.

In the world of HR management systems, the transition to the cloud is finally old news. While some companies are still waiting out their old on-site solutions, when they are ready to upgrade the path is clear, said Mike DiClaudio, principal in management consulting for KPMG in Detroit. “It is rare that you talk to an organization choosing an HR…

5MM: Flying Cars and Flying the Friendly Skies

Online courses are teaching students how to build a self-driving or even flying cars; also, how is United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz defending his employees?

Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell consider classes to build flying cars and dissect United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz’s defense of his employees during a talk at a recent conference. Also, they uncover long-lost archival footage from yesteryear’s 5 Minutes of Personnel. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.  

By the Numbers: Workplace Communications

Despite many tools available, office communication remains mired in the 20th century.

Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. Here’s the topic we’re keeping an eye on for September 2017: workplace communications. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.

Katrina Survivor on Harvey: Encourage a Sense of Normalcy in Your Workforce After a Disaster

A New Orleans woman whose life was disrupted by Hurricane Katrina shares her story and advice for employers when a disaster occurs.

Daria Drury moved into her newly constructed house in September 2013, eight years after Hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed her old home in New Orleans. “I almost didn’t rebuild this house, but I felt like I needed emotional closure,” said Drury. “ Evan and I grew up here; It was home. It felt like something I needed to close the…

Women Business Leaders Break Glass Ceiling with New Management Book

The leaders of TriSpective Consulting Group are opening their career knowledge with their book The Loyalist Team, due out in September.

 Four women are bringing their expertise on human resources, talent management, leadership development and consulting to the pages of their new book, “The Loyalist Team.” Linda Adams, Abby Curnow-Chavez, Audrey Epstein and Rebecca Teasdale, who run The TriSpective Group, which consults with companies including PetSmart, Orbitz and Hallmark, have compiled seven years of business research into their book, which is…

You Call It: HR Best Practices or HR Biased Practices?

Traditional HR processes haven’t changed in decades and continue not to change simply because, well, there's no will to change them.

Have HR’s best practices of the past become biased practices in today’s shifting workforce? People in human resources often refer to certain methods as their “best practices.” The term best practice is somewhat misleading since it is not possible to find a method that is best for every company’s culture and industry. Nevertheless, it is commonly used when referring to…

A CHRO Sheds Light on Blending Tech Cultures Post-acquisition

Laura Hanson says having similar corporate mindsets helps, and adds that one goal is to incorporate more women into the tech space.

Sphera Solutions’ CHRO Laura Hanson. Three months after the acquisition of U.K.-based software company Rivo Software, Sphera Solutions is working to bring employees into the Sphera family. Chicago-based Sphera is a global provider of operational excellence software and information services with a focus on operational risk, environmental health and safety, and product stewardship. Laura Hanson, Sphera’s chief human resources officer,…

People Moves: July 2017

Shaun Francis to PureRED-Ferrara; Kelley Cornish to TD Bank; Jacqueline Gaillard to Axioma.

Shaun Francis  New-media company PureRED-Ferrara has named Shaun Francis as senior vice president of HR and talent. He will work closely across all levels of the organization to drive performance and the consistent delivery of company values. Most recently, he was CHRO and SVP of transformation at CSM Bakery Solutions in Atlanta.Kelley Cornish TD Bank named Kelley Cornish head of…