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Testing Employees for Legally Prescribed Medications Must be Done Carefully

An employer can only inquire about an employee's prescription medications under these limited circumstances.

In the Dura Automotive case, the employer tested all of its employees for prescription medications, regardless of their job duties. This across-the-board testing runs afoul of the ADA. If you have safety-sensitive positions, in which employees will pose a direct threat by performing their essential job functions while impaired, then you may be able to test those employees for legally-prescribed medications.

Meet the 2011 Game Changers

The winners are all rising stars, 40 years old and younger, who are making their mark in human resources and other areas of workplace management.

Workplace challenges have never been greater than in this era of globalization, economic uncertainty and accelerated technological change. At the same time, nimble workforce management is ever more critical to an organization’s success. The 15 winners of Workforce Management’s first Game Changers award competition have demonstrated the kinds of skills and achievements that are so necessary in the competitive 21st…

Dear Workforce How Should We Conduct Performance-Appraisal ‘Calibration’ Meetings With Managers?

Our managers are hesitant to conduct performance appraisals. What should I do? -- Managing to Succeed

I’m interested in how we could conduct productive performance appraisal “calibration” meetings with our managers. These are the people upon whom we rely to be our talent evaluators. We are starting to hold these meetings and would value any tips, caveats, tools or processes on what works and what doesn’t work.

The Five Sweetest Jobs in HR and Talent Management

Over the past 30 years, there’s been a progressive movement to redefine the value proposition of HR through titles and classification.

Kris Dunn says his list of the best HR jobs includes roles in talent management. If you’re a performer in HR, you’ll increasingly find strategic opportunities for growth in roles with talent management in the title.