Pets in Your Workplace? Assess the Risks and Draft a Policy

There are very few resources on the internet to help. And, you will need a written policy before you allow pets in.

A reader recently emailed the following question: Some people need service dogs to get to work. But many more simply want to take their dogs to work. What is the protocol? What are the HR rules on this? And what are the penalties for illegally taking a dog to work? Are you thinking about opening up your business to employees’…

Big Data and the Law: New Tools but a Better Workplace?

More than just numbers, analytics can bring humans and resources together.

  Making employment decisions using cold, hard data seems wrong and risky. But is it? Big data analytics promises to save companies millions of dollars by streamlining employment decisions and preserving workforces. But is there risk in relying too heavily on automated workforce decisions? We encounter the results of big data analytics every day, yet we rarely question the appropriateness…

First Entry for Worst Employer of the Year

I get it. New employee. No FMLA. Unclear whether he properly called off work. But seriously ...

We already have a nominee for worst employee of 2017, so why not share the love and nominate a worst employer. Drum roll … Man Fired For Attending Son’s Birth The first day of the new year was pretty eventful for Lamar Austin. The 30-year-old welcomed a son and got fired on the very same day — Jan. 1. … On…

Mandatory Flu Shots Cost Employer

If you require flu shots for your employees, you must be willing to exempt certain employees.

You may recall that in September I reported on a lawsuit the EEOC filed against a Pennsylvania hospital, alleging that it unlawfully fired six employees after denying their request for a religious exemption from the flu vaccine. How did that case turn out for the employer? Not well. From the EEOC: Saint Vincent Health Center will pay $300,000 constituting back…

Why It Doesn’t Matter that Ohio’s Concealed-Carry Law Removed Bias Protections

I am concerned that the law did not go far enough by leaving the wrongful-discharge loophole in place.

We are going to begin 2017 near where we brought 2016 to a close — gun-owner protections. Shortly before the end of Ohio’s 131st legislative session, Governor Kasich signed into law Amended Substitute Senate Bill 199, which, among other provisions, creates certain rights for lawful handgun owners to store said handguns in their vehicles parked on the property of their…

Lawsuit Against Disney Flips the Script to Fight H-1B Visa Abuse

IT workers who lost their jobs to foreign workers claim discrimination based on their nationality and race.

Ex-Disney employees have filed suit claiming bias because of their U.S. citizenship. By Michelle V. Rafter A new lawsuit alleging Disney Corp. discriminated against laid-off employees because they’re U.S citizens is the latest example of a legal strategy being pursued on behalf of information technology workers who’ve lost jobs to foreigners brought here under a controversial guest worker visa program….

From the Archives: Santa’s Employee Handbook

If you’re looking for a good holiday gift for that special HR person in your life, I strongly recommend 'The North Pole Employee Handbook.'

While I’d like to believe that every post I’ve ever written is indelibly embossed on the brain of every person that’s ever read my blog, I understand that readers come and go, and not everyone reads or recalls every post. As a result, sometimes it makes sense to dive into the archives to revisit a timely (and timeless) post of yesteryear….

Chicago Fire Department Paramedic Test Unfair

The tests must actually measure job qualifications.

Five women sued the city of Chicago after being passed over for paramedic jobs because they failed a required physical fitness test. The women claimed the test was designed to weed out women applicants and unfairly impacted women in violation of Title VII. Approximately 47 percent of women who took the test with the plaintiffs in 2004 passed, compared with…

Dropbox Learns — Painfully — One Twitter Snafu and You Are Toast

Social media is not a forgiving construct. Dropbox’s recent, ill-chosen photo sends entirely the wrong message about its diversity efforts.

Media can be tricky. Especially social media. One poorly written sentence, ill-timed tweet or poor photo choice, and you’ll end up with your corporate image in a sling. Ask cloud storage company Dropbox. They know. Poor Dropbox. When they released their diversity numbers earlier this week, they meant well, really they did. If only the trolls would stop trolling, and…