Candidates Hate Your Lame Careers Site

Candidates can smell a phony company story a mile away. Have you reconsidered and revamped your career site?

Remember when all you needed to recruit effectively was a basic careers site that had a link to your applicant tracking system and a PDF of the overly aspirational company values designed by your founder that everyone you worked with loved to snicker at? Bonus points if you had stock photos on that career site of a group of seven…

Are You Using the Diversity Leaders in Your Organization?

Diversity and talent leaders must work together to untangle the best ways to find, assess, keep and promote talent.

I’m a sucker for packaging. It’s probably because I’m in the media and headlines are my business. I live for messaging that hooks and reels you in like a caught fish. The right word combo — you’ve got all my attention. An expert contends there are 150 unconscious biases in play at our brain at any given time. Technology can nudge…

Why Your Startup Turnover Is So High and What to Do About It

What if leaders said, ‘Let’s accept and work with attrition rather than against it?’

Startups are notorious for having a high attrition rate, and HR is tasked with difficult job of retaining and engaging existing employees. At an early stage, a startup will typically attract highly creative, strategic, future-oriented thinkers who defy boundaries. Despite their best efforts, attrition continues. The repetitive cycle reminds me of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing…

Job Boards Aren’t Dead; They’ve Just Matured

A soft launch of a job board by AARP also plays into the diversity and inclusion space.

It’s not often that I get geeked up about the launch of a new product. Well, there was that New Coke thing. And Betamax. But that was DECADES ago. Since then I’ve grown; wised up; matured, you might say. And maybe that’s why this new product appealed to me. AARP rolled out its new job board for, well, older people….

Comparing Notes on Internship Programs

The first day of SHRM’s Talent Acquisition conference offered a little inside baseball and a new term for your HR bingo board.

We have an internship program. And, for better or worse, I am in charge of it. Perhaps like you, the internship program is collateral duty for me; in other words, it’s another responsibility among many. I enjoy it, though. We have had some wonderfully bright young minds pass through the cubicles at Human Capital Media, and they continually surprise me…

What’s Your Recruiting Experience Really Like?

Talented job candidates are choosing to vote with their feet and take themselves out of the talent pool because companies are not capable of treating them with respect.

I saw in the elevator at work recently that jobless claims are lower than expected, signaling — according to that brief paragraph — signs of strength in the labor market. I wouldn’t know. I’m not looking for a job, and I don’t know anyone who is, which is interesting. Because I know quite a few people who are jobless. Why? A variety of…

Recruiters Tug on Lever to Gauge Hiring Success

New research from S.F.-based recruiting software company targets small and midsized firms.

Recruiters need to track their recruiting conversion funnel. Recruiting software provider Lever recently conducted hiring research that collected data from more than 600 small- and medium-sized businesses for over a year. The data was collected to help “startups and SMBs understand whether what they’re seeing unfold in their hiring practices is typical,” said Amanda Bell, director of recruiting at San…

Snagajob: Recruiting for an On-Demand Economy

The one-time job board now fills the low-wage shift worker gap after winning the hearts of investors to the tune of $100 million.

Snagajob is one of those companies that solves a problem no one else seemed to notice — how to quickly match hourly workers with the employers who need them. In 2015, 78.2 million workers in the United States held hourly jobs, representing more than half of the national workforce. And as more people turn to hourly jobs to supplement their salaries or piece together…

Taking a Page from the Gig Economy to Ease the Recruiting Process

A Q&A with Brigette McInnis-Day, executive vice president of human resources at SAP Software Solutions.

Brigette McInnis-Day is the executive vice president of human resources at SAP Software Solutions Brigette McInnis-Day challenges you to fight the status quo. As executive vice president of human resources for SAP, she is responsible for overseeing SAP’s largest organizational unit, Global Customer Operations. She joined SAP in 2002 as Director of Total Rewards for North America. Prior to this,…

Gaming the System to Boost Recruiting

Companies like Unilever are employing gamification to eliminate bias in recruiting, but does it really work?

Gamification is helping companies curb unconscious bias from recruiting. Consumer goods maker Unilever announced the launch of a new digital recruitment program that will use gamification to eliminate unconscious bias from its hiring process. The technology, unveiled in September, mixes gaming elements with video interviews to identify the best candidates among its 250,000 annual graduate applicants, said Leena Nair, chief HR…