Recruiting in a Snap

To engage a youthful workforce, using Snapchat as a recruiting tool requires dedication and a consistent, ongoing message.

Big-name companies such as McDonald’s and Goldman Sachs have tested using Snapchat to recruit millennials. In April, McDonald’s Corp. showed surprising social media edge when it took its recruiting campaign to Snapchat, the mobile app that lets users exchange videos and images that self-destruct after a few seconds. The initial campaign began in Australia, where they encouraged candidates to use…

Why Vetting for Work Martyrs During the Hiring Process Isn’t the Answer

Servant-leadership is about being there for your people no matter what, not ensuring that they’re building their lives around you as their manager.

Remember, logging extra hours or being on call during evenings and weekends does not guarantee results. It can lead to burnout and diminished productivity. Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini has become the latest victim of public scrutiny after telling the New York Times in July about a test she uses to measure a candidate’s commitment during the hiring process. Her…

5MM: Talking Trump’s Transgender Ban

In this week's 5 Minutes of Management, our Workforce editors talk diversity and inclusion in the workplace — particularly the transgender military ban.

In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell talk diversity and inclusion in the workplace — particularly President Donald Trump’s recent ban on transgender people in the military. They also talk about indications that the cost of higher education could potentially level off. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.

Talent10x: What Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Means for the Workforce

Workforce’s Rick Bell joins the latest episode of the Talent10x podcast talking about the workforce implications of President Trump's call to ban all transgender people from the military.

This week’s episode of Talent10x features Workforce editor Rick Bell as he and Talent Economy Managing Editor Frank Kalman interview employment lawyer and Workforce columnist Jon Hyman about President Donald Trump’s call to ban all transgender people from the military and the potential implications for the private sector workforce. Talent10x is a podcast originally posted on Workforce’s sister publication Talent Economy.  Listen here or subscribe to Talent10x on…

5 Minutes of Management: Religion’s Place at Work

Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell tackle religion’s place in the workplace, as well as top challenges facing recruiters.

In this week’s 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce‘s Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss HR bemoaning challenges when it comes to finding qualified candidates as well as how often HR should communicate with employees. They also tackle role of religion in the workplace. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.

Offering a Shoutout for Low-Key Recognition

Many types of workers aren't comfortable with public recognition. Kris Dunn suggests some more low-key forms of recognition for these employees.

Recognition. We’ve been trained to believe that everyone needs it. Do they? I think so, but something that’s lost in the recognition/engagement market is that for many workers, getting recognition in the widely accepted formats can backfire. The reason I’m thinking about this is simple. I was recently asked to speak to a group of managers by a premiere provider…

2017 Game Changer: Brian Monahan

Entrepreneurial expert Brian Monahan has a 96 percent satisfaction rating among users for his background check site GoodHire.

Brian Monahan, co-founder and chief idea guy, GoodHire LLC, Redwood City, California Brian Monahan is no stranger to entrepreneurship. At 19, he and his brother started his first company, Inflection Inc., the parent firm of PeopleSmart. They later expanded into historical court records for genealogy ( which they sold to in 2012 for $100 million. Then Inflection focused its attention on employment…

2017 Game Changer: Kaley Gagnon

Kaley Gagnon of AT&T uses diversity to build teamwork and connections, which sparks innovation and drives success.

Kaley Gagnon, assistant vice president of integrated product strategy, AT&T Inc., Palo Alto, California With a decade of experience in high-visibility roles, Kaley Gagnon plays an integral role in AT&T’s success. As associate vice president of staffing, Gagnon attracts highly skilled, diverse talent in a competitive environment. She leads a team responsible for talent-acquisition strategy for college hiring programs and on-campus…

Data Offers a Sturdy Foundation but Culture Is Your Recruiting Bedrock

While a candidate is evaluating job responsibilities, benefits or even an offer, cultural fit is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Cultural fit is a critical piece of the puzzle when a candidate is evaluating job responsibilities, benefits or even an offer. Whether you hire 10 or 1,000 people a year, a well-designed recruitment and retention process enabled by technology is the initial step to a successful placement. But every touch point with a candidate should be meaningful and convey consistent…

OMG! Ur Hired!

Could texting make your recruiting process more user-friendly?

Besides convenience, texting is a great way to get a sense of a candidate’s personality. Millennials and their Gen Z successors have little time for thoughtfully crafted emails or telephone pleasantries. These digital natives grew up texting and often consider other formats to be cumbersome and outdated. So it should come as no surprise that they think text messages are…