Staffing Management

You’re Sick? Go Home!

Managers aren’t mom. But they can do a lot to keep their teams healthy. That starts with assuring people that it’s OK to call in sick.

Some 85 percent of workers say that they have gone to the office while sick, according to one recent survey. An IT guy at a San Francisco tech startup comes to work looking like death warmed over near the end of flu season. He is visibly ill and sweating. Unfortunately, he’s also responsible for installing vital software to everyone’s computers in…

By The Numbers: Manager, Boss, Supervisor

Employees don't leave jobs; they leave those in charge. 75% of employees say their boss is the most stressful part of their job.

Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. Here are the topics we’re keeping an eye on for Mach 2017: stress in the employer-employee relationship. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.

Core Competencies Remain Critical to Success

Generational preferences and new forms of technology-supported collaboration are shaping leaders’ need for a reset on their core competencies.

  Checking off core competencies is as important as ever to develop leadership skills. While no one can see the future with perfect clarity, we must be prepared to adapt to whatever we encounter, not just what we expect. It is crucial then that business leaders need to start developing critical competencies now in order to be prepared for future…

The Awesome Influence of Women in HR

Whether they’re eliminating traditional performance reviews, improving employee engagement or putting more women in upper management, female HR leaders are making a difference. Meet some of the women influencing HR.

Organizations are transforming how they manage their workforces, and women in C-suite human resources positions are leading the way. As you read each profile, you’ll see how these women are ending formal annual performance reviews, closing the wage gap, improving gender parity and diversity, and increasing employee engagement, among other initiatives. It’s also the only leadership role that is predominantly…

The Art of Human Possibility

Anjani Panchal Bhargava says mindfulness is an important trait for all HR leaders.

Anjani Panchal Bhargava, Senior Vice President, chief human resources officer, Topco Associates, Elk Grove Village, Illinois Anjani Panchal Bhargava has worn many hats. These professional experiences — from the corporate to the entrepreneurial, from small to large companies — have given her a well-rounded perspective on human resources and its role within the business. Her work history includes roles such…

Gender Parity as Part of a Bigger Goal

Kim Davis has focused on changing the gender status quo since selling a consulting firm she founded to NFP in 2012 and taking over HR.

Kim Davis, Chief Human Resources Officer, NFP Corp., Chicago Some CHROs might be satisfied with the number of women in management at NFP Corp. Kim Davis isn’t one of them. Since taking over as NFP’s top HR executive in May, she is aiming higher because it’s good for the company, and that’s good for business. Forty-seven percent of vice presidents…

Give Employees a Say to Keep Them Engaged

JoAline Olson believes in giving employees a voice in how they do their jobs to help increase connectedness.

JoAline Olson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Adventist Health System, Roseville, California. Improving employee engagement is easy to talk about and complicated to carry out. JoAline Olson is learning that as she tackles multiple initiatives to improve employee engagement while overhauling HR at Adventist Health System, a faith-based health care system with 23,400 employees operating in 25 communities in four states….

Upon Further Review …

Ellyn Shook spent a third of the past year restructuring performance reviews — 'probably the most significant talent transformation we’ve ever undergone.'

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture. CEO Pierre Nanterme broke the news when Accenture switched up performance reviews in 2015, but the heavy lifting fell to Ellyn Shook, the management consultancy’s chief leadership and human resources officer. Accenture isn’t the first U.S. multinational to move away from once-a-year ratings-based reviews. But with 375,000 employees worldwide, it is…

Astutely Making Inroads

No two ways about it: Natalie Stute was born to be in HR.

Many children grow up wanting to be an athlete, a dancer or a singer. Natalie Stute started out young on a totally different career path: human resources. Natalie Stute, Chief HR Officer, Consilio LLC, Washington, D.C. She was groomed from a young age. Every Saturday from seventh through 12th grade, Stute attended INROADS, a leadership development program for children of…