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Old School Diversity Doesn’t Work; New School Diversity Does

Those of us who have a progressive vision for the workplace — and humanity in general — must change our tactics.

If 2016 brought us anything, it’s the death of the status quo. If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that those of us who have a progressive vision for the workplace — and humanity in general — must change our tactics. Evolutionary leaders committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusiveness in American workplaces aren’t exempt. Nothing less than a safe,…

It’s Cyber Monday; Your Employees Are Shopping From Work

The smartphone has irreparably tilted the field in favor of employees. It not worth the time or effort to fight a battle you cannot win.

Today is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the holiday season. In fact, it is estimated that today will be the biggest online shopping day ever, with over $3.36 billion in sales. And guess what? Given that most of those doing the shopping will be spending the majority of their prime shopping hours at work, from where do you…

Elect to Do the Right Thing for Employees Taking Time Off From Work to Vote

If you’re thinking of disciplining or firing an employee who arrives late, leaves early or takes a long lunch to exercise the right to vote … just don’t.

Tuesday is Election Day (oh, thank God). As long as Election Day remains a working day, employees will show up to work late, leave work early or take long lunches just so that they can vote. Check your state and local laws. Here, Ohio law requires that an employer provide all employees a reasonable amount of time off to vote…

Welcome to the Human Cloud

How the growing contract workforce is changing the way staffing agencies engage with talent and clientele.

Forget software as a service; human capital as a service is the hottest trend in staffing today, with a vast segment of the workforce choosing work on demand options over full-time employment. “It is the economy of the human cloud,” said Barry Asin, president of Staffing Industry Analysts, a global advisory service in Mountain View, California. Asin isn’t just talking…

NLRB Is Now Basically Creating Unfair Labor Practices Out of Thin Air

Expect the employee friendly NLRB, and not federal judges, to decide whether you have classified your workers properly.

Those that have been readers for awhile know of my dislike of the NLRB’s expansion of its doctrine of protected concerted activity (e.g., here and here). The latest on the NLRB’s hit list: employee mis-classifications. The NLRB has concluded that an employer has committed an unfair labor practice and violated an employee’s section 7 rights by (mis)classifying its employees as independent contractors….

The ADA and Prescription Meds: What You Need to Know

According to the EEOC, in most cases an employer cannot even ask about prescription drugs.

Can an employer include prescription medications in its drug screening of job applicants and employees? Here’s a good lawyer answer for you: It depends. Last week, the EEOC announced that it had sued an Arizona car dealership for disability discrimination after it rescinded a job offer when a pre-employment drug test revealed a prescription drug used to treat a disability….

Did the NLRB Do More Harm Than Good By Permitting Teaching and Research Assistants to Organize?

It is academically and politically interesting, and worth your time to read even if your business doesn’t involve academia.

Last week, in Trustees of Columbia University , the National Labor Relations Board upended decades of precedent by holding that federal labor law covers graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants, and graduate research assistants. This case has received widespread national coverage (such as here and here). It is academically and politically interesting, and worth your time to read even if your business…

5MM: Monster of a Deal; India’s Infrastructure

In this edition of '5 Minutes of Management,' Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss job boards and India's talent pool.

In the latest edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman assess the future of job boards in the wake of staffing giant Randstad’s acquisition of former job board giant Monster Worldwide. Rick and Frank also take a look at India’s ambitious plans to partner with several corporate giants in order to upgrade the nation’s…

EEOC Offers Guidance for Youth@Work

If the EEOC is using its time and resources to build this site, you better believe it is taking youth employment issues seriously.

Do you employ minors? If so, you should be aware of the wage-and-hour laws for child labor. The Department of Labor, however, isn’t the only federal agency taking a look at your under-18 employees. Recently, the EEOC launched an entire portal devoted to the issue. The microsite, titled Youth@Work, is the agency’s education and outreach campaign to promote equal employment…