Staffing Management

2017 Game Changer: Brynne Kennedy

Bringing the right people to the right place at the right time is part of an organizational talent management strategy that Brynne Kennedy is well versed in.

Brynne Kennedy, CEO and founder ofMOVE Guides in San Francisco When it comes to solving business problems, there’s no greater motivator than personal struggle. After relocating for work several times — and dealing with many of the same challenges each and every time — in 2012 Brynne Kennedy developed a technology-based data model and software platform to move talent from…

2017 Game Changer: Philipp Schramm

“I’m a glass-half-full kind of person. The bad experiences provide the deepest insights," says Game Changer Philipp Schramm, who has brought his company back to life.

Philipp Schramm, CFO, VP of HR & IT at Webasto Roof Systems Americas in Rochester Hills, Michigan Philipp Schramm made it his mission to lead Webasto Roof Systems to a financial turnaround. Schramm, 37, is an analytically driven realist and compassionate leader. As chief financial officer and vice president of human resources and IT, he motivates more than 2,000 employees…

2017 Game Changer: Heidi Gerhard

“As a result of Heidi’s efforts, we are making significant strides in improving the diversity and caliber of our talent pipeline,” said Gerhard's BASF colleague.

Heidi Gerhard, Director of talent acquisition and university relations at BASF in Florham Park, New Jersey. After only one year of being on the BASF team, Heidi Gerhard made such an impact that her colleagues nominated her as a Game Changer. “She is a born strategist with a great capacity for translating an organization’s good intentions into tangible actions that deliver…

2017 Game Changer: Jeff Pieta

The Shiftgig co-founder's colleague says of him, “He’s a passionate disrupter, never satisfied with the status quo."

Jeff Pieta, co-founder, Shiftgig Inc., Chicago When first meeting Jeff Pieta through a mentorship program seven years ago, Anthony Bonaguro, a partner at Grant Thornton LLP, saw that Pieta was an innovator. Pieta is dedicated to the development of people through technology, Bonaguro said, and Pieta achieved that with Shiftgig. “He’s a passionate disrupter, never satisfied with the status quo and…

2017 Game Changer: Keri Vadala

“Keri has not only had a positive impact on Kronos, but she has had a positive impact on many, many lives,” Kristin Brown, VP of global talent acquisition at Kronos, wrote about Vadala.

Keri Vadala, senior manager of global talent networks at Kronos Inc., in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Throughout Keri Vadala’s seven-year tenure at Kronos, her influence has been palpable. After just two years, she launched Kronos’ first-ever summer internship program and TED (Technology, Education and Development) program, all while performing her full-time job as talent acquisition coordinator. Two promotions later, Vadala, 35, now…

2nd Circuit Provides Plan for Employers to Win Misclassification Cases

Key factors include entrepreneurial opportunities, personal investment and flexibility to establish the legitimacy of the classification of workers as independent contractors.

In Saleem v. Corporate Transportation Group (2nd Cir. 4/12/17) , the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals considered whether a company properly classified a group of black-car taxi drivers as independent contractors, or whether it should have classified them as employees. In ruling for the company, the court gifted employers a game plan to use when classifying workers to minimize risk…

Mining Talent in the Complex World of Coal Country

An HR veteran in Pennsylvania's coal region offers his thoughts on President Trump’s declaration to restore jobs to the ailing coal industry.

President Trump’s declaration of jobs returning to the coal industry could be misleading. “Bring Back Coal Jobs” is a phrase seen regularly here in Western Pennsylvania and nearby West Virginia. You can find the phrase on bumper stickers on pickups traveling up and down Interstate 79, as well as on signs in front yards across the region. That phrase also…

You’re Sick? Go Home!

Managers aren’t mom. But they can do a lot to keep their teams healthy. That starts with assuring people that it’s OK to call in sick.

Some 85 percent of workers say that they have gone to the office while sick, according to one recent survey. An IT guy at a San Francisco tech startup comes to work looking like death warmed over near the end of flu season. He is visibly ill and sweating. Unfortunately, he’s also responsible for installing vital software to everyone’s computers in…

By The Numbers: Manager, Boss, Supervisor

Employees don't leave jobs; they leave those in charge. 75% of employees say their boss is the most stressful part of their job.

Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. Here are the topics we’re keeping an eye on for Mach 2017: stress in the employer-employee relationship. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.