Offboarded by Zenefits, Parker Conrad’s on Board with New Project

The former Zenefits founder has returned to the HR tech space, but does his new company Rippling have what it takes to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace?

It’s been barely a year since HR technology’s prodigal son, Parker Conrad, was forced to leave Zenefits over regulatory misdeeds after building the HRIS software company into Silicon Valley’s fastest growing startup ever. He returned in March triumphant with the announcement that he’s launching new company called Rippling, an onboarding services firm that promises to eliminate the checklist from the…

When Will Employees Learn That Online Comments Can and Will Be Used Against Them?

Buker v. Howard County concerns a fire department battalion chief fired because of series of posts to his personal Facebook page.

I recently gave two different speeches discussing the balance between an employee’s privacy and an employer’s right to know. One of the themes is that social media has irreparably blurred the line between one’s personal persona and one’s professional persona, and employees best be careful with that they say online, because employers are watching and holding them accountable. Case in…

Can 2 Letters Take Down HR as We Know It?

Tech vendors are automating many aspects of human resources, but don’t worry; despite the rise of AI your job is safe … probably.

Tedious administrative tasks have long been the bane of the HR professional’s job. Updating paperwork, sending out benefits reminders and plowing through hundreds of resumes can eat up hours every day, preventing HR leaders from focusing on more strategic tasks related to workforce planning and development. But the days of drudgery may soon be over, at least according to some…

Lessons From a Ransomware Attack

In 2015, victims paid a collective $24 million in ransom and another $325 million to disinfect machines and restore backup data.

CNN reports that a ransomware attack has locked the computer network of the Pennsylvania Democratic Caucus. This is what we call a teachable moment. What is ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software that locks one’s computer or network until a sum a money is paid, at which point the cybercriminal provide a code to unlock the system. If the ransom is…

Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal

L&D leader Saba is pairing with performance management software specialists Halogen.

The HR tech space saw its first major deal of 2017 as Saba Software is acquiring Halogen Software. Illustration by Anna Jo Beck While consolidation in the HR technology space isn’t much of a surprise anymore, Saba Software’s announced acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-based Halogen Software was a bit unexpected. The deal, worth a reported $293 million, is expected to close in…

How Feedback Apps Can Help Improve Employee Retention

There are reasons to replace annual satisfaction surveys with a mobile feedback app; chief among them is employee satisfaction.

Mobile feedback apps can offer different questions for every day of the week or month. A Wall Street Journal article from 2011 touched on how dissatisfied employees, or as author Robert Sutton calls them, “bad apples,” can eventually influence revenue. Sutton shares a vivid example: After a disgruntled employee left the company, his colleagues’ productivity increased by 30 percent. In…

Thoughts on Reckless Employee Tweets and Our New President

'The leader of the free world, the nation’s role model for better or for worse, is doing exactly what we counsel employees not to do.'

I recently received a call from Mike Brookbank, a reporter for WEWS, our local ABC affiliate. “I saw your quotes on on how to post on social media about President Trump without losing your job. I’m pitching a similar story for tonight’s news. Care to be interviewed?” I said, “Of course, just tell me what time you need me…

Brexit? Maybe it’s Time to Make the Case for HRexit

Let's examine how HR leaders must rethink the role of technology in the evolution of work and the gig economy.

By Marcus Mossberger While Uber has HR pros performing traditional duties, someone else is exploring self-driving autos. It’s talent acquisition minus the talent. While many people were surprised by Brexit, the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, I’m hoping you might consider another once-unthinkable idea — the case for HRexit. Please note: I don’t mean the secession of…

Onboarding Apps Can Aid Adding New Employees

With individual approaches to introducing new employees to a business, every company can benefit from technologies in different ways.

Mobile apps are one to to enhance the employee onboarding experience.   Every year more than 25 percent of the U.S. working population changes jobs, according to research by the SHRM Foundation. This means at least 25 percent of the workforce annually goes through the onboarding process that aims to make a new hire an inherent part of the organization….

HR Leaders: Data, Engagement and Attracting Talent Are Key in 2017

HR leaders should set their sights on data, employee engagement and attracting top talent in the upcoming year.

Data, employee engagement and attracting talent will propel successful companies in 2017. As 2017 approaches, robots — disappointing as it may be — are not a staple in every household or workplace. At least not in the way many had hoped. However, autonomic systems are popping up in places unheard of even a decade ago. What does this mean for…