Does a LinkedIn Request Violate a Non-solicitation Agreement?

A life insurance company sued a former sales manager for violating a non-solicitation agreement after he jumped ship to a competitor.

In Bankers Life and Casualty Company v. American Senior Benefits (Ill. Ct. App. 8/7/17), Bankers Life sued a former sales manager, Gregory Gelineau, for violating the following non-solicitation agreement after he jumped ship to American Senior Benefits, a competitor: During the term of this Contract and for 24 months thereafter, within the territory regularly serviced by the Manager’s branch sales office, the Manager…

Namely Sells Its HR Technology Platform as a Managed Service

The company's new wrinkle on HR outsourcing, believed to be the first of its kind, is an option for companies that lack adequate staff to run systems in-house.

Namely CEO Matt Straz. To make it easier for resource-strapped small and midsized companies to set-up HR systems, Namely Inc. is borrowing from the past and selling its existing cloud-based HR technology platform as a managed service. The New York-based company on Aug. 9 said it is offering a managed version of its HR technology platform called Managed Services, including…

5MM: You’ve Been Microchipped!

In this week's 5 Minutes of Management, our Workforce editors discuss the value of inserting microchips in your employees.

In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell discuss the pros and cons of a voluntary program at one Wisconsin company to insert microchips in its workforce. They also harken back to a time when asking for job candidates’ social media passwords was thought to be a sound recruiting tactic. For more 5 Minutes…

Could a Smart Mirror Make Us More Productive or Invade Our Privacy?

Adding another tech assistant to your morning routine is further disconnecting us from humanity in a time when we should all learn to be less reliant on screens.

When you hear about a smart mirror, you think it’s a future endeavor. Then you hear it’s a real thing happening right now, and others have created similar tools — like HiMirror, a smart mirror that tracks your skin health. Or the one with a personal and business application — MirroCool, a personal assistant smart mirror and camera. When I…

Learning & Development Today: Microsized, Personalized and Really, Really Short

Curated content strikes at learners’ hearts, but employers need to think fast to track it.

In today’s on-demand world, employees want training at the moment they need it, and they want it to align with their learning style and knowledge. That’s driving many learning technology vendors and content providers to build analytics tools that can match learning content to the needs of employees. Social media platforms are helping employees personalize the learning experience by giving…

Google Taps Hire Authority to Step Into Lucrative Recruiting Market

Its new app, Google Hire, aims to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their hiring process.

Google Hire’s aim is to give businesses the ability to manage their hiring process holistically, from communication to application, feedback and decision-making. Not content with its recent foray into job boards, Google is launching another venture aimed at the $200 billion market for recruiting and hiring workers. The Silicon Valley-based tech giant announced July 18 the launch of Google Hire,…

Google Takes New Career Path With Google for Jobs

Recruiters would be wise to adapt their posts if they want to rise to the top as Google’s newest platform takes root.

As job boards morph into more refined, highly niche career sites, enter Google to scour every corner of the internet looking for work. The ubiquitous search engine announced in May the launch of Google for Jobs, a new search option that uses machine-learning capabilities to provide a centralized place for candidates to conduct job searches. The feature is fairly user-friendly….

By the Numbers: The Rise of Cyber Crime

Businesses continue to face cyber crime onslaught. Learn how many emails are infected with malware and the monetary damage cyberattacks cause.

Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. Here is the topic we’re keeping an eye on for July 2017: cyber crime in the workplace. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.

Smart Lockers Open Options for Workplace Wellness and Safety

Innovative vending machines put everything from bike parts to fire extinguishers at employees’ fingertips.

Hull & Knarr’s workout room provides a bright atmosphere to go along with its work culture. Photo courtesy Bob Ferrell Employees at Hull & Knarr have no excuses to not pedal around on a bike. The Indianapolis-based financial services firm has opened the door to new wellness and team-building initiatives for its employees in an eco-friendly and accessible manner. A…

Free Online Content Provokes Deep Thoughts on the Cost of Learning

With so much training material available online for free, companies are reconsidering what they pay for.

Whether you want to learn to code, hone your coaching skills or find a fun new way to use, there is a free online course to teach you. With all this content up for grabs, do companies really need to pay for training any more? “It’s a debate that is raging right now,” said Bill Pelster, principal with Deloitte…