Workplace Culture

Eliminating the ‘Offense’ Isn’t the Goal of an Inclusive Workplace

Don’t get caught up in avoiding 'offense' at the expense of dismantling oppression.

There’s good news and bad news about our current preoccupation with eliminating offensive language and behaviors from the workplace. The good news is that the feelings and experiences of a wider swath of humanity matter more now. Women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, immigrants and folks with disabilities are no longer expected to simply conform and comply, which is good…

Fight Over Office Thermostat Reaches a Fever Pitch

A new survey shows that nearly half of workers don’t feel comfortable with workplace temperatures.

Of all the things that will send a chill through a workplace, setting the office thermostat has employees either hot under the collar or giving one another the cold shoulder. Based on a new survey, setting and re-setting the temperature isn’t just a workplace nuisance. It’s also affecting productivity. CareerBuilder’s office temperature survey reveals that of the 1,012 full-time employees…

Is Your Workplace Culture Hurting or Helping Your Results?

Customer centricity, accountability, and engagement can be effectively integrated into a single workplace culture.

An organization’s culture can be, and often is, the driver of many things within a company. And as such, it’s a very important part of the whole. Since the culture of any company is the sum of the behaviors of each individual employee, a three-link chain exists: The first link involves what people within the organization are actually doing, and…

How to Manage Subcultures in Your Organization

Small groups of employees may have their own unique cultures. Here are five ways in which organizations can best manage these subcultures.

Knowing each of the subcultures for the groups within your organization can impact execution across your business, including how you hire, develop employees, collaborate, address quality, solve problems, deliver services and deploy projects.

Cracks in Diversity Initiatives Widening Gender Chasm

Despite years of efforts to advance women in the workplace, they still earn less, have fewer promotions and receive less respect, studies say.

No matter how much companies claim they try to eliminate unconscious bias, promote fair wages and encourage diversity, women are still underpaid and under-valued at virtually every step in their careers. Even more alarming, most studies suggest that the problem is actually getting worse. A 2017 World Economic Forum report found that the gender gap is now so prevalent that gender…

Otis Burke Feels the Fallout of Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweet

Don't feel badly for Roseanne. But we should feel for Otis Burke, who because of a selfish, ignorant boss is now unemployed.

By now you’ve almost certainly heard about ABC’s cancellation of “Roseanne,” after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s former senior advisor. Today, a lot of internet ink will be spilled about ABC’s swift and decisive reaction to cut the head off any potential controversy, how private-sector employees lack free speech rights at work, and why…

Author Addresses Dying for a Paycheck — Literally

Jeffrey Pfeffer writes that negative workplaces are hurting — and in some cases killing — workers.

Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of ‘Dying for a Paycheck.’ Jeffrey Pfeffer takes a direct approach when talking about the harmful health effects a negative workplace can have on employees. The professor of organizational behavior at the graduate school of business at Stanford University points out that these effects can happen to someone in any industry. In his new book, “Dying for…

Ruminating on Diversity of Thought

Open conversations about differing opinions are realistically more comfortable among old friends than coworkers. But there has to be room somewhere in the workplace for people to respectfully disagree.

I’ve recently been assigned a couple articles about diversity initiatives in the workplace. One of these is about diversity of thought/opinion, and what companies can do if two types of diversity clash. I’ve found this to be an incredibly interesting piece to work on. Diversity of thought is one if those inherently mind-boggling topics for me, both from an ethical…

Think You Need Cultural Sensitivity Training? Think Again

Getting meaningful results and supporting your team members to create excellence is your goal, not rehabbing sociopaths.

I’ve been getting more requests for cultural sensitivity training lately. The scenario is almost always the same: Manager has a habit of saying inappropriate things to staff or customers. One day, one of those staff members or customers files a complaint, or shares evidence of the bad behavior on social media (or both). The organization then launches a frantic search…