Workplace Culture

The 12th Nominee for the ‘Worst Employer of 2017’ is … the Parental Stereotyper

There is only one unhappy ending to telling one of your employees that he doesn't belong at home with his children, and it starts with law- and ends with -suit.

Derek Rotondo, a dad of two young children, filed a sex discrimination charge with the EEOC against his employer of seven years, J.P. Morgan. Why? I’ll let Derek explain, in a blog he wrote for the ACLU.  Last week, my wife and I were overjoyed to welcome our second child into this world. … As the due date for our second…

2017 Game Changer: Florine van Everdingen

"People are the single most valuable asset an organization will ever possess," says millennial entrepreneur Florine van Everdingen

Florine van Everdingen, founder and talent Development Coach of MyWinspiration Florine van Everdingen has tapped her entrepreneurial spirit to launch an initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering young female talent. MyWinspiration was founded in 2015 with the mission of attracting women to enter the workforce. With a group of 12 young women, she created a magazine focused on this goal….

The Importance of an Anti-Harassment Culture

An article says that sexual harassment is embedded in organizational culture, which in turn are embedded in a larger national culture in which men have traditionally been granted privileges over women.

I came across an interesting article at the Harvard Business Review — The Omissions That Make So Many Sexual Harassment Policies Ineffective. The article starts with a simple question. “If 98 percent of organizations in the United States have a sexual harassment policy, why does sexual harassment continue to be such a persistent and devastating problem in the American workplace?” The…

Google, Just Come Clean Already

Does the tech giant’s conduct in the midst of a U.S. Department of Labor lawsuit charging systemic pay discrimination suggest its guilt?

There’s nothing worse than a leader who refuses to admit when he or she is wrong. That goes for companies too. If you’re a leader in your industry, a household name, whatever, that does not make you perfect. That just makes you popular. Therefore, if you do something wrong, own up to it already. Why drag out the suffering? Eventually,…

HR Leader: Millennials Helping to Shape Better Workplace

Ann Marr of World Wide Technology tells Great Place to Work attendees that millennials’ smarts and fresh thinking are crucial to business success.

The millennial tech smarts, diverse demographics and fresh ideas make them crucial to business success and relevance. “Any millennials in the room?” asked Ann Marr to a group of diverse, young, attentive individuals. The vice president of global human resources at World Wide Technology Inc. got her answer immediately as easily more than half of the people in the room…

Workplace Culture Is About People, Right?

Because of the people I worked with I wanted to come to work every day. To me, that is workplace culture functioning in its purest form.

Who doesn’t want a great workplace culture, right? I like it, I want it, I read about it, we write about it. I want to swim in it. It took me a while — decades, actually, before workplace culture became an actual thing HR people fret about — but as I sat through Day One of the Great Place to…

Leaders Can Learn a Lot from Working Moms

If you don’t think of mothers as leaders, you will after you read what these working moms have to say. You’ll probably learn a thing or two, too.

  Motherhood, despite the challenging, multi-faceted, always-on nature of the gig, is not a job we would typically associate with leadership. Worse, when discussed in a workplace context, motherhood is usually a negative. But when I read Moira Forbes’ “7 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Working Mothers” this week, I saw things in a whole new light. Forbes asked a group…

The 10th Nominee for the ‘Worst Employer of 2017’ Is … Guess Who?

Unethical conduct isn't exclusive to the C-suite. Just check the hallowed halls of Washington, D.C.

Let’s play a game. Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine you’re the CEO of a company. And let’s also imagine your VP of HR is investigating a former executive of the company (who happens to be close friend and confidant of yours) for illegal or unethical conduct. And imagine that you privately ask said VP of HR, on the down-low,…

What It Takes to Create a Hostile Work Environment

If you want to eliminate the judicial vagaries of what constitutes a hostile work environment, establish a zero-tolerance workplace for this type of misconduct.

Last week, I nominated Target Corp. and MarketSource for the worst employer of 2017, because they ignored the approximately 10 incidents of vile ethnic harassment a Palestinian employee suffered during the brief two-month tenure of his employment. Almost as bad was the logic of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, which concluded that, as matter of law, the employee failed…

How to Create a Single-Friendly Workplace Culture

A singles-friendly organizational culture at work can increase the attachment and engagement of your entire workforce.

Having a singles-friendly organizational culture can increase the attachment and engagement of single employees and greatly benefit the company. Here are some tips from Wendy Casper for creating one: Create an environment that supports and includes all workers, regardless of marital, relationship or parental status. A key to doing this is the sense of support coming from supervisors. Training can…