Valuing Differences Isn't the Same As Managing Diversity

Managing diversity means creating an environment that enables all participants to pursue organizational goals. With this approach, companies can move beyond race and gender issues and look at how all differences-age, tenure, lifestyle, managerial level, department and sexual orientation-affect working relationships.

Employees Steal from Super-markets as a Way To Get Even

When it comes to employee theft, supermarkets are among the hardest-hit of all businesses. Clearly some feel disenfranchised and exploited. Says one employee, "During the last couple of years, the company has kept raising the standards and cutting back on the hours allotted to keeping those standards up. If you don't work off the clock, the job won't get done. Some people steal as a way to get even."

Employees Have Other Options for Improving Their Skills

GM aids its employees, after a plant closure, by offering them a chance to increase their education. Employees who aren't prepared to participate in a traditional educational program are offered enrollment in a GM-and-UAW-sponsored Skill Center on-site at the closed plant.

Keys to Starting a TQM Program

Without careful analysis and planning, total quality programs are doomed to fail. The efforts have better odds if the mandate comes from the top and the programs are shaped by goals and action steps.

How McDonnell Douglas Cost-justified Its EAP

The McDonnell Douglas EAP program reduces health care costs and absenteeism. This success can be duplicated only by designing the right EAP program for your company-one that takes your culture, and your reasons for having an EAP, into account.