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Why Talent Management Isn’t Enough: Using HR Technology to Increase Productivity

4/24/13 1:00 pm to 4/24/13 2:00 pm CDT
On Demand
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HR is caught in the middle of a transition. The economy is slowly recovering from one of the darkest economic periods of modern history and CEOs want to grow now. With talent and skill shortages and mandates to do more with less, getting the most from our people has never been more important or more difficult. We spend $8 billion a year on HR technology hoping to help our people do their jobs better, with mixed results.

Register today to discover how to drive individual and organizational productivity and get real results from your HR processes and technology. This webinar discusses how you can:

  • Create an environment that enables outstanding performance.
  • Create people-centric, practical talent processes that integrate with day-to-day work activities.
  • Go beyond automation to enablement.


     Steve Parker - Vice President of HR Strategy - SumTotal Systems

Steve Parker is a former HR practitioner and the vice president of solution marketing at SumTotal Systems, where he uses his background and deep understanding of customer and prospect opportunities to communicate and deliver remarkable solutions. He has directly helped organizations of all sizes, including numerous small businesses and nearly half of the Fortune 100, achieve better results through their people, and has global experience in every industry.

Parker has redesigned HR processes and technology for some of the world's best places to work, and has led efforts to drive HR solution education and awareness globally.

Parker has developed a unique, cross-functional HR perspective from leading several strategic HR functions and initiatives for various organizations throughout his career, including talent acquisition, performance management and leadership development, talent management and succession, and HR operations. He is a former executive-level consumer of HR technology, a former member of the United States Army Special Operations Command, a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a certified Human Capital Strategist.