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Reinvest, Re-recruit and Re-engage: The Triple Threat to Talent Loss

9/11/13 12:00 pm to 9/11/13 1:00 pm CDT
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The best and brightest in any organization always have options. These options can either be inside or outside your company walls. According to research by Career Systems International, one of the top three reasons why employees stay and stay engaged in the job is opportunities to learn, grow and develop. If you help your employees grow, they stay. If you don’t, you see them leave. Unfortunately, companies that invest significant resources in recruiting and hiring the best-fit candidates often see them leave within the first two years of employment. And making it past the first two years is no promise of having a highly engaged and productive workforce. The Conference Board in its 2012 Employee Engagement Survey found that lack of career development is one of the top five factors limiting employees’ desire to stay with their organization. It’s no coincidence then why organizations are focusing on reinvesting and re-recruiting their top talent instead of looking outside to fill open positions.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, participants will learn:   

  • The risks and rewards of reinvesting in internal talent.
  • Various career options for employees where up is not the only way.
  • Simple and practical strategies to re-recruit and re-engage employees.


Beverly Crowell - Vice President of Product Development and Marketing - Career Systems International

Beverly Crowell is an experienced consultant, facilitator, speaker, thought leader and author specializing in organization, employee and human resources development. Her career spans a variety of industries, including government, aerospace, health care, manufacturing, financial services and nonprofit.

As the vice president of product development and marketing, Crowell manages Career Systems International’s product portfolio and marketing efforts. She also provides expertise in strategic talent management, employee engagement and retention, career development and coaching. Her strengths include strategic interventions for clients to create and maintain a sustainable talent management culture with a focus on driving for measurable business results.

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