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Meet Your New Customers: The Implications of a Globalized Economy

10/9/13 2:00 pm to 10/9/13 3:00 pm EST
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Market expansion in the coming years will be dependent on growth in new and emerging markets at home and abroad — markets that are increasingly diverse and often speak a language other than English. In fact, in a recent survey of strategy+business readers, 71 percent of respondents said they plan to grow their business in countries or market segments that speak a different language than the one they currently use in their daily operations. Unfortunately for U.S. companies, their workforces often lack the critical cross-cultural and language skills needed to successfully enter these markets. Join us as we discuss the implications this has for HR and learning and development leaders.


  • What this focus on new and emerging markets means for your workforce, including which key skills will determine your company’s success.
  • The role cultural intelligence and language play in building effective relationships with customers and employees.
  • Key recruiting, retention, and training and development strategies for building a diverse workforce capable of meeting the demands of these diverse markets.


     Neal R. Goodman, Ph.D. - President - GlobalDynamics Inc.

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