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HCM Trends 2014: Aligning for Business Results

3/5/14 2:00 pm to 3/5/14 3:00 pm EST
Contact: Brad Saribekian


Aberdeen's latest look at the trends and issues at the forefront of human capital management for 2014 found that organizational ability to source and develop talent — at both the front line and leadership levels — will be the critical differentiator between companies that deliver high performance and those that barely survive. The organizations that are successful in these endeavors share some critical characteristics, including their ability to integrate and align human capital strategies with their business strategies, and develop leadership skills among business leaders that include the ability to identify talent both inside and outside the organization, and the capability and tools to help manage the performance and development of key employees.

Join Mollie Lombardi, VP and principal analyst of Aberdeen's Human Capital Management practice as she shares key strategies to foster business alignment and performance including:

  • Find out how technology can support business leaders in making talent decisions — including guidance for interviewing and selection, performance feedback and engagement strategies.
  • Learn the evolving role of the HR leader, and the skills required to drive business alignment.
  • Learn strategies for developing a critical eye for talent among business leaders, and supporting their role in attracting and retaining critical talent.


     Mollie Lombardi - Vice President and Principal Analyst, Aberdeen’s Human Capital Management

Mollie Lombardi is vice president and principal analyst of Aberdeen’s human capital management practice. She has surveyed and interviewed thousands of end users to better understand the key challenges facing today’s HR and talent management leaders, as well as uncover the best-in-class strategies, capabilities, tools and technologies they are using to address those challenges. She has written and spoken about a wide variety of HCM topics including strategic talent management, workforce management, employee engagement, analytics and learning, as well as the use of emerging technologies.

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