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Driving Innovation: Steps to Becoming a Mobile-Optimized HR Organization

4/30/14 2:00 pm to 4/30/14 3:00 pm EDT
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Mobile is quickly becoming top of mind for business leaders in all departments. For human resource professionals, the impact of mobile technologies can be felt across every aspect of employment. From mobile application to on-demand training, its impact is being felt in all areas of talent management.

So what is the future of mobile for most companies?

In this webinar, Sarah White, founder of Accelir, will address the growth and impact of mobile and review the key questions HR executives need to ask and answer as they prepare for mobile in their organization.

Attendees will:

  • Gain insight into the growth of mobile in our national and global society and what that means in a business context.
  • Acquire best practices for how to establish the business value of mobile in talent management, with a specific focus on learning.
  • Learn to identify and address some of the cons that go along with the pros of moving toward a mobile-enhanced organization.
  • Discover three easy steps to take when becoming a mobile-optimized organization.


     Sarah White - Founder Accelir

Sarah White is the founder of Accelir, a strategic growth advisory firm which works with companies and technologies wanting to accelerate growth through innovative talent, technology and market strategies. Prior to launching her firm, she served as principal analyst at Bersin & Associates (now Bersin by Deloitte), CSO at HRMDirect (now Clear Co.) as well as leadership roles in corporate talent acquisition.

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