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Workforce Management and Learning — The Power of Growing Talent Instead of Buying It

7/9/14 2:00 pm to 7/9/14 3:00 pm EDT
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Let's face it….you understand the traditional definition of "workforce management" is about making sure you have the right talent at the right time and monitoring its deployment and subsequent performance. But what did you forget? How about the impact learning has on your workforce management strategy?

Join Kris Dunn, founder of the "HR Capitalist" and "Fistful of Talent" blogs, as he explores the countless ways to use learning opportunities to strengthen your approach to workforce management, including:

  • A before and after snapshot for HR leaders to use when pitching the opportunity to strengthen their focus on learning strategy and training and development as part of workforce management. We'll show you where the real value of learning delivers results for your business.
  • A primer on optimizing productivity through learning. Most companies that have training plans are focused on new hires, but in today's world, learning is a continuous process. We'll help you understand the most efficient way to keep employees productive in an ever-changing world.
  • A road map for how to operationalize your learning strategy and link it to changing business needs. This is your chance to be strategic when it comes to your learning strategy within workforce management — there are many pressures (globalization, reorganization, product line/vertical expansion, competition) that cause change in business, so being able to adapt quickly by getting up to speed on new or regulated skills or identifying employee need for those required skills is critical.


     Kris Dunn - Partner & CHRO Kinetix

Kris Dunn is a partner and CHRO at Kinetix, a national recruiting firm with HQ in Atlanta, and is the founder of the industry-leading blogs “The HR Capitalist” and “Fistful of Talent.” He also serves as a contributing editor at Workforce magazine.

Dunn is also a Renaissance man, as evidenced by the fact he started his career as a college basketball coach, and the best man in his wedding and college roommate currently stars as a leading villain in the world of pro wrestling.

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