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The Changing Landscape of Employer Health Benefits — The Transition From Cost to Value

7/30/14 2:00 pm to 7/30/14 3:00 pm EDT
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Employers are at a line of demarcation in how they structure and deliver health benefits. Many are focused solely on financing/coverage of health care and do not understand the importance and business impact of health outcomes such as absence, disability, performance and productivity. Thomas Parry, president of the not-for-profit Integrated Benefits Institute, will discuss the full costs of health, how to make the business case to senior leaders and how to track key results.

This session will:

  • Identify employer strategies around managing health benefits and how they will need to change.
  • Quantify the full economic impact of workforce health for employers.
  • Explain how CFOs view health and its importance to their companies.
  • Identify how employers can pragmatically measure key metrics of health and productivity for their businesses.


     Thomas Parry - President - Integrated Benefits Institute

Thomas Parry is president and co-founder of the Integrated Benefits Institute, a San Francisco-based independent, not-for-profit, national organization incorporated in 1995. The institute provides research, lost-time benchmarking, measurement/modeling tools, and educational programs to improve health, lost-time and productivity management. IBI is supported by more than 880 employers, insurers, health care providers, brokers, third-party administrators, consultants and others interested in health and productivity issues.

Parry serves as IBI’s CEO. In addition to directing IBI’s activities, he also is strategically involved in IBI’s research, measurement/modeling and benchmarking programs. He has directed many studies at IBI since its inception, including research analyzing the impact of medical care on disability outcomes, as well as two studies on chief financial officers. Parry also is the chief architect of IBI’s disability/absence benchmarking and health and productivity measurement programs. He speaks on integrated benefits and health and productivity issues at conferences and symposiums in the United States and abroad. Parry also served for five years as research adviser to the Roadway Express Inc. medical board.

Before co-founding the Integrated Benefits Institute, Parry served for 11 years as research director at the California Workers’ Compensation Institute. His research encompassed a wide variety of topics in workers’ compensation. While at CWCI, Parry was engaged in some of the earliest research and analysis on 24-hour coverage and integrated benefit issues.

Parry received his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.