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Everything You Do in Compensation is Communications

9/10/14 2:00 pm to 9/10/14 3:00 pm EDT
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The presentation is in two formats. It is one part parable — a story that walks the participants through the day in the life of Amanda Pricing, a newly-promoted director of HR. The other part is practical "how to" advice that allows the attendees to immediately start working on improving their communications. The presentation provides eight practical steps for improving your compensation and reward communications. Of these, we have found that most companies don't know about or act upon at least half. Find out what is missing and how to become a better business leader.

Margaret O'Hanlon, Ann Bares and Dan Walter of the Compensation Cafe blog are releasing their e-book, "Everything You Do in Compensation Is Communication." A mix of insights, tips and real-life examples, the writing team shows how to think about compensation in a different way. When we acknowledge that everything we do in compensation is communication, our work has far greater influence on our company's success. In addition, our own strategic influence can grow when we understand how to influence opinions and behaviors.

At the completion of this presentation, attendees will:

  • Know how to identify issues and describe solutions from a business strategy and tactics perspective.
  • Understand the process and successful delivery of a preliminary plan design and how that process creates a foundation for future communications.
  • Have an understanding of how to test their plan design and why this process is critical for long-term success.
  • Be able to finalize a plan design as a integrated component of the holistic communication process.
  • Understand the steps for turning a plan design into an implementation process.
  • Have confidence in using executives and managers as key communication resources.
  • Understand why measuring results is essential and have a process for getting this seldom-completed process done.
  • Be able to adapt their plan design and communication process to evolving business strategy, program success and shortcomings, and growing staff needs.
  • Tie all of the above together in a process that uniquely supports their company's specific needs and objectives.


     Ann Bares - Managing Partner Altura Consulting Group, LLC

Ann Bares has built a reputation and consulting practice based on delivering compensation ideas that help organizations perform better. As a leader in the field, she believes that the best pay plans are designed not only in line with business strategy but with an understanding of the organizational systems in which they must succeed. Bares is the managing partner of Altura Consulting Group, whose mission is to provide practical, operational and business-oriented advice on all aspects of employee compensation. She serves on the board of the Twin Cities Compensation Network and is its president. Bares has also been named to the advisory board for the Compensation & Benefits Review, the leading professional journal for those who teach, research and practice in the total rewards field.

     Margaret O’Hanlon - Founder and Principal re:Think Consulting

Margaret O’Hanlon, CCP, knows that employee compensation is capable of so much more than it has been delivering and has innovative communications case studies to prove it. Applying communications strategy, she helps companies treat compensation as a business process, inextricably linked with business results. O'Hanlon knows how to get people involved and talking any time you implement a compensation program. She is a regular speaker and trainer on compensation topics for the Bay Area Compensation Association and Northern California Human Resources Association, as well as a leader in the International Association of Business Communicators. O'Hanlon founded her firm, re:Think Consulting, to turn great human resource ideas into business results.

     Dan Walter - President and CEO Performensation

Dan Walter, CEP, is passionate about aligning pay with corporate strategy and culture. He is known and respected for looking at compensation issues from new angles and providing bespoke solutions. Walter is the president and CEO of Performensation, a management consulting firm recognized as an industry leader in pay-for-performance and equity compensation. A dynamic speaker and educator, he has contributed to several books about compensation and does dozens of presentations every year. Walter serves on the boards of the National Center for Employee Ownership and the NY-NJ National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the Compensation Advisory Board for the Institute for Human Resources and is the founder of Equity Compensation Experts, the largest independent networking group of its kind.

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