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The Top 10 HR Stories to Tell With Data: Templates That Wow Business Leaders

9/24/14 2:00 pm to 9/24/14 3:00 pm EDT
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The datafication of HR is one of 2014's hottest topics, with 91 percent of organizations aspiring to move from reactive or operational reporting to proactive workforce analytics during the next 24 months. Indeed, experience with workforce analytics has become a sought-after line item on HR professionals’ resumes.

In this webinar, analytics expert Ian Cook will share the top 10 HR stories to tell with data, and provide templates that will wow business leaders and support fact-based decision-making. Story examples will cover the top HR topic areas, including recruiting, retention, compensation, diversity and performance.

During the webinar we will explore the trends that are driving the increased demand for workforce analytics. We will define key terms and provide specific examples of metrics and analytics. Leveraging real-world examples, we will present the top 10 stories that HR can tell with data. We will provide practical “how to” advice and tips for getting started with workforce analytics, as well as templates for successful storytelling with data.


The webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the datafication of HR and the state of workforce analytics.
  • The top 10 stories to tell with data, including real-world examples.
  • Templates for successful storytelling with data.
  • Practical tips for getting started with workforce analytics.


     Ian Cook - Director of Product Management Visier

Ian Cook is focused on presenting the most informative and business-related HR material to the business community in North America. His international career has involved developing performance-oriented people practices for global companies in Europe and North America. He is focused on developing the next generation of workforce analytics tools. Prior to this Cook built the HR Metrics Service — a source of HR benchmark data in Canada.

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