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Is Your Organization Compliance-Ready? Start by Aligning Content, Culture and Context

10/15/14 2:00 pm to 10/15/14 3:00 pm EST
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The complexity and frequency of regulatory compliance activities is increasing in business, as well as workplace litigation and penalty fines. And the first question plaintiff’s attorneys ask company defendants in lawsuits is often: “Did you receive training on the issue in contention?”

This webinar will help the audience gain a better understanding of the expanding environment of compliance risks and reporting obligations, including:

  • How compliance can help drive a strategic talent development culture.
  • Practical tips for compliance training success.
  • New ways of achieving compliance.

Discover how compliance-related activities are correlated to employee engagement (and disengagement), and get real-world advice to help your organization meet regulatory commitments and advance strategic professional development with compelling, relevant and principle-led compliance training.


     Christa Degnan Manning - Senior Vice President, Global Workforce and Talent Strategies and Solutions HfS Research

Christa Degnan Manning leads global workforce and talent strategies and solution provider research for HfS Research, an independent analyst authority and community of global business software and service professionals. She investigates workforce optimization — how companies best get work done — including understanding the hybrid network dynamics of traditional employees, contract workers and third-party service providers. In addition, Manning supports firms in selecting the software and service providers that help find, manage and motivate all types of workers across the extended enterprise of today.

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