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The 5 Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews

Register to download this free white paper to better equip yourself and discover the 5 most challenging faces or personas/masks team members regularly use to intimidate managers during performance conversations. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

The Cure for Pain

Getting started with talent management for small businesses is a three-step process that starts with automation and moves on to insight and ultimately transformation. Automating the entire employee lifecycle - recruiting, performance and compensation - can remove the inefficiencies in the process and allow your people to focus on what matters: improving performance for your company and people.

HR's 5 Most Important Roles in Managing Talent

Learn how leading Accounting and Consulting firm, Clark Nuber, took charge of their employee performance appraisals with Halogen eAppraisal. Register now to view this free webcast discussing HR’s 5 most important roles in managing talent. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Big Picture Talent Management

It is nearly impossible to create a top performing workforce that drives higher returns and offers a sustainable competitive advantage when your talent management programs are operating in organizational silos supported by standalone tools. Register now to view this free webcast Big Picture Talent Management, and learn how to operate all your talent programs in one coordinated system that was built to drive higher performance, align your workforce and deliver your business initiatives. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

What's Your ROI?

The award-winning Halogen Talent Management Suite™ provides you with a measurable return on investment. The suite saves time and money allowing you to complete the talent management process more efficiently. The suite decreases recruiting, development and compensation costs with streamlined investments in learning and increased productivity and organizational performance. Register to take a free comprehensive look at your customized potential ROI with the Halogen Talent Management Suite. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Goals and Outcomes: Linking Individual Performance to Organizational Goals

Organizations that do a better job of harnessing individual potential are likely to be more competitive than their peers in the 21st Century. Goals can help to focus an organization and its employees on the most important and pressing organizational priorities. Register to download this free white paper today to learn goals and outcomes linking individual performance to organizational goals. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Making HR More Strategic: Top 6 Reasons Behind the Rapid Adoption of Talent Management Systems

Today's business climate is forcing a shift in the role HR plays - from administrative support to strategic management of an organization's greatest asset - its people. Learn about the key drivers behind the shift and the vital role talent management systems are playing in supporting HR's transformation in this white paper, sponsored by Halogen Software.