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5 Performance Management Tactics to Boost Employee Engagement

August 1, 2013
Performance management and engagement initiatives are both important. However, we usually think of them as being quite separate-maybe even in opposition to one another. This white paper takes a close look at the two together, and highlights five ways that good performance management practices can create engagement. Register to download this free white paper today, sponsored by Halogen Software.

The 5 Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews

July 31, 2013
Register to download this free white paper to better equip yourself and discover the 5 most challenging faces or personas/masks team members regularly use to intimidate managers during performance conversations. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

The Cure for Pain

July 30, 2013
Getting started with talent management for small businesses is a three-step process that starts with automation and moves on to insight and ultimately transformation. Automating the entire employee lifecycle - recruiting, performance and compensation - can remove the inefficiencies in the process and allow your people to focus on what matters: improving performance for your company and people.

The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy - Part 1

July 29, 2013
What does social recruiting actually mean and how can you use it to directly benefit your company's hiring practices? Instead of scouring the Internet for tips, tricks and best practices, this workbook will help you develop your own, unique social recruiting strategy that you can put into action immediately!

Effective Onboarding Tools for 2013

July 22, 2013
With onboarding technology, you can leverage branded and engaging onboarding portal, electronic onboarding form submission, powerful reporting tools and more. Your newest hires will feel right at home and ready to work, flattening their learning curve and speeding their time to productivity. Learn more by viewing this short product video of iCIMS Onboard.

Top 10 Talent Management Best Practices for 2013

July 22, 2013
In today's lean business environment, your people are an asset that can be dramatically leveraged to increase success. This executive brief investigates how organizations can better understand the talent that is driving results.

Grow Your Passive Talent Pools

July 19, 2013
Are you interested in growing your passive talent pools? Bring potential candidates in through a fully branded Social Connect Portal. Manage larger talent pools by function and communicate with potential candidates through personalized, branded messages. Free Webinar Recording. Sponsored by iCIMS.

Best-Practice Employee Evaluation Forms

July 18, 2013
Good employee evaluations forms are key to the success of your performance management process. A poorly designed performance appraisal form can frustrate and disengage managers and employees from the process - defeating the whole purpose. Register now to learn secrets for creating effective best-practice employee evaluation forms, sponsored by Halogen Software.

HR's 5 Most Important Roles in Managing Talent

July 18, 2013
Learn how leading Accounting and Consulting firm, Clark Nuber, took charge of their employee performance appraisals with Halogen eAppraisal. Register now to view this free webcast discussing HR’s 5 most important roles in managing talent. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Recruiting in 2013

July 18, 2013