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Eliminate 'content chaos' and accelerate learning ROI

August 23, 2013
It's easy to underestimate the time, effort, and expertise needed to manage learning content. Deploying iContent can lead to more effective training, efficient use of training budgets, and a better end-user experience for employees. With iContent, you won't get bogged down in the day-to-day administrative hassles and technical headaches that come with managing learning content. Instead, you can turn your content management frustrations over to SuccessFactors and watch as we make them go away.

The Definitive Buyer's Guide to the Global Market for Learning Management Solutions 2013

August 23, 2013
Bersin by Deloitte Learning Management Systems 2013 - Vendor Profile

Learning and Analytics

August 23, 2013
There are always gaps between your strategic goals and your workforce's capabilities. Training will get you part of the way there, but in isolation not far enough to bridge the critical capability gaps. But all too often, training is managed without the tools to deliver the right training or even measure the real impact of training on the business. How do you know whether it is effective?...

Winning Through Talent

August 19, 2013
It is easy to think in tough economic times that you cannot afford to focus on talent - but that couldn't be further from the truth. Download this free white paper from SuccessFactors for the Five Strategies you need to Win Through Talent in Uncertain Times!

Making HR More Strategic

August 16, 2013
While research tells us "how fast" the Talent Management market is growing, this free white paper explains the drivers behind this growth and the top six reasons why Talent Management is an important investment for your company. Register to download this free white paper Making HR More Strategic today, sponsored by Halogen Software.

Reinventing Leadership Development: Proactive and Progressive Strategies

August 15, 2013
To determine if your development programs are producing the leadership your company needs, you must conduct a customized, multi-layered self-assessment. This HR white paper provides 10 key questions and ideas to build upon and the action points. Sponsored by Skillsoft.

How To Motivate and Retain Key Employees

August 14, 2013
Register to download this free white paper to discuss how to bring true objectivity and functionality to performance, pay and succession decisions in order to motivate and retain all employees with new efficient calibration solutions. Sponsored by SuccessFactors.

Getting started with elearning -- 8 Questions to Consider

August 14, 2013
The face of corporate learning has changed. It is no longer possible to develop your human capital with a single approach. This handy guide will help you navigate the growing number of learning solutions and equip you with 8 must-ask questions as you develop a learning program.

Best Practices: Five ways learning managers can make a strategic contribution

August 13, 2013
The reality of business today means that organizations will have to grow the talent they need when they can't find it. Developing talent internally over the long term will be most of the solution. You'll want some recommendations in your back pocket when your CEO turns to you for answers... Sponsored by SuccessFactors.

U.S. Employees Have Spoken!

August 12, 2013
Download this infographic for the most recent stats on what today's employees look for at work, and how they really feel about career development, skills training, performance feedback and more.