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Big Picture Talent Management

July 17, 2013
It is nearly impossible to create a top performing workforce that drives higher returns and offers a sustainable competitive advantage when your talent management programs are operating in organizational silos supported by standalone tools. Register now to view this free webcast Big Picture Talent Management, and learn how to operate all your talent programs in one coordinated system that was built to drive higher performance, align your workforce and deliver your business initiatives. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

What's Your ROI?

July 16, 2013
The award-winning Halogen Talent Management Suite™ provides you with a measurable return on investment. The suite saves time and money allowing you to complete the talent management process more efficiently. The suite decreases recruiting, development and compensation costs with streamlined investments in learning and increased productivity and organizational performance. Register to take a free comprehensive look at your customized potential ROI with the Halogen Talent Management Suite. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Oracle Human Capital Management - Changes in HR and Talent Strategies that Drive Business Growth

July 15, 2013
The pace of business is accelerating, with internet and communications technologies allowing organizations to move with unprecedented speed. Executing new strategies, developing new products and services, or operating in new geographies are all business challenges that leaders now face with regularity. In light of these rapid business changes, organizations are acknowledging that they need to fundamentally change the way they manage people in order to ensure that they have the talent they need. According to the 15th Annual PricewaterhouseCoopers CEO Survey, 78 percent of CEOs expect to change their strategies for managing talent. This strategy brief outlines how Oracle's human capital management (HCM) solutions enable organizations to drive these urgently needed changes in two important ways. Oracle delivers the industry's most complete, flexible and global technology foundation to help companies simplify how they manage people and empower organizations to build the best talent to drive existing and new business strategies.

CEO Perspectives: How HR Can Take a Bigger Role in Driving Growth

July 3, 2013
Two dominant trends are potentially reshaping the role of the HR function in the corporate world. The first relates to the rapid growth of the knowledge economy. In this environment, a committed, appropriately skilled and prudently deployed workforce is critical in order to develop new products and outstrip the competition. Second, many administrative functions that were formerly handled by HR departments, such as payroll and pensions, have now been farmed out to third parties. Indeed, research reveals that more than two-thirds of companies outsource a portion of their HR functions. This report by the Economist Intelligence Unit investigates whether the HR function is forging a close and robust relationship with the CEO. It also explores the nature of these working relationships, how they have been affected by the economic downturn and how they vary across industries and regions.

Infographic: The Relationship between C-suite and HR

July 3, 2013
Today many executives have high expectations of their human resources leaders. This infographic states facts about the relationship between the C-suite and HR.

Protecting Your Company's Future

July 3, 2013
"When done exceptionally well - with the help of modern HR technology -succession management provides an offensive tool that enables you to steal and keep high-potential talent away from your competitors." Download this free white paper today to protect your company's future and learn how advanced technology can strengthen six aspects of succession planning. Sponsored by SuccessFactors.

Executive Briefing: Succession Planning - From Concepts to Measurable Reality

July 3, 2013
Since Pep Boys implemented its succession planningsolution last year, it has seen a significant reduction in turnover, increased morale and 20% increased bench strength after 1 year for key positions. Register now to download this free executive briefing white paper sponsored by SuccessFactors on succession planning: from concepts to measurable reality.

Taking Care of Your Company's Future

July 3, 2013
The benefits of embracing succession planning are huge: higher performance, improved morale, and a boost to the bottom line. This eGuide asks questions to help gain insight into potential liabilities in your current process, and validate the importance of investing in succession planning. Register now to download this free white paper, Taking Care of Your Company's Future: 3 Best Practices for Succession, sponsored by SuccessFactors.

Achieve a Robust Succession Management Process Over Time

July 3, 2013
This free white paper provides guidance on how to transition from a basic succession management process in year 1 to a fully robust succession management process by years 3 and 4. Register now to download to Achieve a Robust Succession Management Process over Time, sponsored by SuccessFactors.

How To Motivate and Retain Key Employees

July 3, 2013
The ability to make objective performance, pay, and promotion decisions is a requirement to motivate and retain key employees. Inconsistent or subjective ratings by managers can erode employee loyalty and negatively impact the company’s bottom line. This free white paper will discuss how to motivate and retain key employees, with effective calibration as a driving force, bringing true objectivity and functionality to performance, pay and succession decisions. Register to download now, sponsored by SuccessFactors.