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San Diego Zoo Redefined Corporate Culture to Focus on Employee Performance

To create and foster a successful workplace environment, employees need to see a clear connection between objectives set for them and the overall objectives of the organization. Register now to download this free white paper and learn how the Zoological Society of San Diego, with a new employee performance management system, motivated their employees to strive for greater achievement, and boosted overall morale. Sponsored by Halogen Software.

Simplifying Human Capital Management

Do you currently have inefficiencies in your management of human capital? A new integrated approach brings together all aspects of HCM – recruiting, onboarding, compensation and benefits, payroll, performance and competency and career planning – with a single user interface and log-in. Download this free white paper on Ventana Research Perspective Integrated and Unified HCM, to reap important benefits from fully engaged and committed employees who now feel valued. Sponsored by Epicor.

Making the Case for HRIS

Download this free white paper on Making the Case for HRIS to learn the benefits of implementing new cutting edge HRIS technology that focuses on how to understand talent and its value to your organization. Sponsored by Epicor.

Business Execution Buyer's Guide - SuccessFactors BizX suite

Download a free Business Execution Buyer's Guide from SuccessFactors on their BizX suite and learn:

  • How to Close the Execution Gap – the gap between your business strategy and your results.
  • The Evolution of the Cloud and Software as a Service
  • The Revolution: Business Execution
  • Getting Started on SuccessFactors’ BizX – Transforming your Business


In this SuccessFactors Datasheet, read an overview of how SuccessFactors BizX Solutions for small businesses can help get the most of employees each and every day. SuccessFactors Professional Edition enables customers to start simple with the BizX cloud and grow as needed.