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Performance Management


Software as Service

January 20, 2006
Applications that are accessed via the Internet are taking hold in several workforce management areas, including core HRMS, recruitment and performance management. This “on-demand” software carries lower upfront costs than licensed software and allows for frequent upgrades. Sector heavyweights such as Oracle and SAP are developing strategies, keen to make sure they don't get left behind. But for all the allure the delivery model holds, providers are keenly aware of a key issue: Top-notch customer service can make or break their business, and not every software company is used to providing superior support.

1999 Service Optimas Award Profile The Valspar Corporation

March 01, 1999
HR has created 12 job families that embrace the company's 3,830 different jobs. By focusing on core behaviors that cut across jobs, HR created aptitude tests, interview guides, and performance appraisal forms for its 12 job families.