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Recruiting and Recruiting Technology Ticks Upward

April 06, 2012
Through the use of recruiting software, organizations help speed the process along. The tools can create a potential pool of talent to keep on hand, winnow down stacks of applicants to find those most qualified, or do pre-screening so recruiters can focus their attention on the most promising candidates.

Sears, State Farm, Navistar and Others Show How to Bring Veterans on Board

January 12, 2012
Keeping positions open while employees are on military duty presents a challenge for the managers and peers left behind—a difficulty large corporations often find easier to absorb than smaller employers. But employers that have made a commitment to hiring and retaining military veterans say the payoffs usually outweigh the difficulties.

Nonqualified Plans a Key to Recruiting, Retaining Senior Employees

October 11, 2011
Amid a volatile market, nonqualified plans continue to be a key element of many companies' overall retirement savings program, and are common among large companies. The programs are popular—on average, nearly two-thirds of eligible employees participate, reports a PSCA/Boston Research Group survey.

Valero Energy Optimas Award Winner for Innovation

September 07, 2011
In creating one of the first labor supply chains, the oil refining giant has slashed time to fill and cost per hire against a backdrop of explosive growth. In 2002, each hire cost about $12,000. With the labor supply chain in place, the cost per hire dropped to $2,3000 last year.