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Navigating the Training Terrain

September 23, 2013
This Orientation Guide on Learning and Development offers advice on how to create a training program that aligns with strategic business goals.

How Do We Develop a Solid Career Development Plan?

June 05, 2013
How do we facilitate a discussion with our employees on the meaning of career development? We want to ask probing questions that give us a meaningful plan of action. We know from a recent employee survey that most of our staff is not satisfied with our career development and we need to start a conversation to make improvements. —Career Doldrums, assistant human resources manager, mining/oil/gas, Singapore


Stihl Tools Its Training to Olympic Standards

March 05, 2013
Dealerships that pay for technicians to attend the tool-maker's school may receive higher reimbursement levels, though maintaining quality of service and reputation primarily drive participation.


How Do We Assess the Impact of New Training Methods?

July 10, 2013
I have been asked to assess the impact of new training, including learning content, rating instructors and evaluating program participants. How soon should I expect seeing results before I start my analysis? —Hurry Up and Wait, training evaluation specialist, nonprofit, Gaithersburg, Maryland

The 'Employee Value Proposition' Over the Years: The Search for a Middle Ground

October 19, 2012
To celebrate Workforce's 90th anniversary, we're running a series of articles looking at important workforce-related issues with a then-and-now theme. This month, we look at the evolution of the “employment deal” between employers and employees. In December, we will switch gears and stop looking at the past and start looking toward the future.

Learning & Development