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How Do We Assess the Impact of New Training Methods?

July 10, 2013
I have been asked to assess the impact of new training, including learning content, rating instructors and evaluating program participants. How soon should I expect seeing results before I start my analysis? —Hurry Up and Wait, training evaluation specialist, nonprofit, Gaithersburg, Maryland

The 'Employee Value Proposition' Over the Years: The Search for a Middle Ground

October 19, 2012
To celebrate Workforce's 90th anniversary, we're running a series of articles looking at important workforce-related issues with a then-and-now theme. This month, we look at the evolution of the “employment deal” between employers and employees. In December, we will switch gears and stop looking at the past and start looking toward the future.

A Tipping Point in Workplace Metrics

May 07, 2012
The ‘cold, hard' numbers can lead to smarter decisions even as they promote the best of the 'warm and fuzzy' in company cultures.

How Do We Prove the Return on Investment of Coaching Certificates?

March 13, 2012
Our organization is conflicted about certifications for coaches. The HR department wants to send our internal coaches/managers through a certification program, but upper management first wants to do a cost-benefit analysis. How do we make the case? —No Playbook, logistics and transportation, Santa Barbara, California

Learning & Development