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Job Candidates: Good, Bad and Bizarre Ways Applicants Try to Get Their Foot in the Door

Message in a bottle? You’re hired. Tarot reading? You should have known better.
September 17, 2013

Creativity and recruiting may not go hand in hand, but there’s something to be said for the job candidate who travels a different path to the job interview.

CareerBuilder recently released a survey taken earlier this year that asked nearly 2,100 hiring managers and human resources pros nationwide to share the most memorable methods candidates used to stand out from the crowd, and whether their creative flair worked — or failed miserably.

The Good

1. Candidate contracted a billboard outside of the employer’s office.
2. Candidate gave a résumé on a chocolate bar.
3. Candidate repaired a piece of the company’s equipment during the first interview.
4. Candidate sent a message in a bottle.
5. Candidate performed a musical number on the guitar about why he was the best candidate.

The Bad

1. Candidate back-flipped into the room.
2. Candidate did a Tarot-card reading for the interviewer.
3. Candidate dressed as a clown.
4. Candidate sent interviewer some beef stew with a note saying “Eat hearty and hire me.”
5. Candidate sent in a shoe to “get their foot in the door.”

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