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New Hire Momentum: The 3 P’s of Onboarding You Can’t Miss

A recent study by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) shows most employers are missing an important opportunity to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm new hires bring to their organizations through effective onboarding. In fact, nearly a quarter of organizations surveyed said they have no onboarding strategy or process at all. Register for this webinar, hosted by HCI and sponsored…

Throwing a Penalty Flag on New Orleans Saints’ Workplace Policies

Bailey Davis has filed suit against the NFL team, which may maintain two sets of work rules, one for it all-female cheerleaders and the other for its all-male players.

Former New Orleans Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis has filed a complaint with the EEOC accusing her former employer of having one set of rules for its male players, and another for its female cheerleaders. The Saints fired Davis after it claimed she violated a rule prohibiting cheerleaders from appearing in photos nude, semi-nude, or in lingerie. She had posted a…

The New Retirement: 4 Ideas to Help HR With Its Mature-Age Employees

HR leaders must focus on new policies that are beneficial for employees as well as the organizations that offer them.

Not only are people working longer into the traditional retirement years, but the vision of retirement and what it means to retire is evolving altogether. Such factors are creating challenges for HR leaders who are now tasked with finding ways to help mature-age workers discover the next phase of their lives while developing initiatives that allow the organization to utilize…

When 26 Becomes the New 30 — Millennials Grow Up at Work

Millennial workers roll off their parents’ health plan at age 26 and face their own financial future. How can employers help?

For millennial workers these days, there’s another important milestone between turning a quarter-century old and hitting the big 3-0. For many, 26 marks the age they must move off their parents’ health insurance plan and start building their own financial future. Many will turn to their employer-sponsored health plans, but this is just the start of providing millennials with the…

Meeting the New Faces Who Are Shaping Employee Retirement

With fears of outliving retirement, boomers are looking for help dealing with ‘pretired’ anxiety.

Kevin McGrain has prepped well for his golden years. He saved diligently, invested wisely and now at age 63, he enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time at their new North Carolina home near the mountains and visiting with his grandkids. Life has been good since McGrain left his job last year at an online retailer in Boston. But like…

How-to HR: Onboarding New Hires

You can only make a first impression once. It’s crucial that your management team understands the importance of onboarding new employees.

How-to HR, Workforce’s new monthly video series, takes a look at the do’s and don’ts of onboarding new employees. An employee’s first day can be a disaster or a dream. Your onboarding program needs to be viewed as a process, not just a single event.

New HR Tech Event Unleashed

European-based HR industry event organizer HRN is running its second U.S. conference in May and going head to head with the existing HR Technology Conference.

European-based HR industry event organizer HRN, which is behind a fledgling U.S. HR technology conference, is counting on longtime insider China Gorman to boost its presence stateside. The outfit tapped Gorman to manage its North American operations, including helping it rebrand and run its second U.S. conference. The event, once known as HR Tech World and rebranded as Unleash back…

NBC’s New Anti-Harassment Policy Enters the Overreaction Phase

Given the revelations of the past few months, we will see more and more employers overreact with policies that try to regulate every aspect of employees’ inter-personal relationships.

When one of your biggest stars loses his high-profile job in one the year’s biggest sexual harassment scandals, how to you react? With a brand new, and painfully detailed, anti-harassment policy. Page Six  details NBC’s new “Matt Lauer” harassment policy: NBC has issued strict new anti-sexual harassment rules to employees — including that staffers must snitch on any misbehaving colleagues….

Seeking a New Normal in Family Benefits

One company does its due diligence and creates an enticing family friendly benefits package.

Having recently finished a feature for Workforce about paid family leave, I’ve been in a family-friendly benefits bubble for the past few months. That’s why I found a conversation with Daniel Polich and Katie Combs particularly interesting. Polich is a breast-feeding advocate at Aeroflow Healthcare, a medical device company in Asheville, North Carolina. Katie Combs is the chief culture officer…

New Year’s Resolutions, NLRB-Style

The agency's Peter Robb wants regional board officials to consult his office on all cases involving precedent established on workers’ rights in the last eight years.

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? The NLRB’s newly minted general counsel Peter Robb  has, and employers will be very happy. According to NLRB General Counsel Memo 18-02 , issued Dec. 1, Robb will be examining all NLRB precedents changed during President Barack Obama’s administration. The memo specifically directs regional board officials to consult Robb’s office on all…