Stand Up for Working Well

For those of us who don’t have time for 10,000 steps a day: low-level activities in the workplace can have a positive impact as well.

Employers should consider sit-stand desks as part of a wellness plan since they have a positive impact on group health. I used to wear a Fitbit everyday and liked it just fine except for one aspect: how competitive people would get about step count. It stopped being fun to be in a step challenge, for me, when I was proud…

Wearable Device Giant Fitbit Falls Short

The company's third-quarter earnings and stock took a hit despite corporate wellness deals with Dr Pepper, Pitney Bowes.

Wearable device maker Fitbit’s earnings took a hit in the third quarter. Wearable device giant Fitbit took a misstep in its third-quarter earnings report released Nov. 2. Its stock fell 30 percent on Wednesday, causing a drop in trading Nov. 3. listed a few reasons for this decline: Fitbit is seeing increased competition, including the Apple Watch, Chinese electronics…

Making a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Dash at HR Tech Show

I gleaned some keen insights into the current state of the industry and met two of our 2016 Workforce Game Changers.

Back to back to back to back. I know, four consecutive half-hour meetings at a conference is by no means a record. But I’m pretty proud of it, considering I had to dash from the farthest reaches of Chicago’s cavernous McCormick Place to the 30th floor of the Hyatt and then to the press room tucked in a downstairs corner…