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How Do We Develop Key Performance Indicators?

July 10, 2013
I lead the HR department of a company with between 30 and 40 employees. Due to our size, we in HR are generalists whose job duties include training, compensation and recruitment. We don't have specialized roles, but I have been asked to develop key performance indicators, or KPIs, for our employees in sales and accounting. This is the first time I've tackled this subject. Any advice on how I should start? —Lost in Limbo, finance/insurance/real estate, Cairo, Egypt
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How Important is Anonymity in 360 Reviews?

June 19, 2013
Here is our issue in a nutshell: we have a close-knit office and some employees have questioned the fairness of 360 feedback, since there is no way of knowing who says what about whom. What should we do? —Stuck in the Middle, HR manager, health care services, Boise, Idaho
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How Do I Respond to Employee Concerns About SWOT Analysis?

June 19, 2013
Some ideas have been presented by management to help employees identify areas of essential skills. One idea is to have employees complete a SWOT analysis. But employees have expressed a range of concerns about SWOT, including: • Since I'm already doing more with less, when do I find time to complete the SWOT worksheet? • If I identify threats, how will I be perceived by management? • Since we have limited funds and can't give raises, how could we capitalize on opportunities that emerge from the analysis? • Will I be considered a narcissist by management if I list things I do well? • How do I list my strengths when I'm not even sure what they are? —Can't Swat These Worries Away, OD director, government, Panama City, Florida
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5 Minutes of Management - Nov. 25, 2013

November 25, 2013
Rick Bell and Frank Kalman talk about e-cigarettes at work and Microsoft ditching its rank-based performance review system.

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