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Global Employment Law

Global Employment Law


Thoughts on the Global Workplace From Hanoi

August 2, 2013
I heard that I would encounter different regional communication styles—one part of the audience would be open, direct and confrontational; the other would be attentive, agreeable and quiet.
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Financial Rewards of International Operations Comes With Potential Employment Costs

January 6, 2012
The hiring and firing of employees at will, setting working hours, requiring employees to agree to noncompete agreements and even deciding whether to offer health care, vacation or maternity benefits are areas in which American employers enjoy a great deal of latitude, with relatively little government restriction or regulation. That's not necessarily the case overseas.
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Dear Workforce Are We the Only Company Laboring to Manage Our Expats?

September 7, 2011
How do we better manage our expat process? Ideally, we'd like to have some type of case-management tool that enables us to make sure we place the right people in the right overseas assignment. Could you share some pointers on how we can make sure the expat process we use works to the benefit of our company and our expats?
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