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Job Descriptions


How Can We Boost Job Applicant Interest?

June 16, 2015

I am working for a company that doesn’t want to spend money on recruiting, but wants lots of warm bodies to interview. I have maxed out new résumés and posting jobs on free boards. How could we get more people interested?

Make Something From Nothing, staffing and recruiting, energy, Boston

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How Important Is Sticking to Job Descriptions?

April 10, 2014

What is the protocol when our executive team requests salaried employees to perform work outside their job description? It is a situation that has occurred before, resulting in some salaried workers having to work weekends/off days to keep up with their regularly described duties. Job duties of a salaried employee often are fluid, but would it be better for us simply to abandon job descriptions? I wonder about things like employee burnout, turnover, stress levels and engagement.

— Concerned VP, energy/utilities, Newfoundland

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What Are Some Best Practices for Rewriting Job Descriptions?

July 10, 2013
We are in the process of rewriting job descriptions. What are some effective ways to do this without causing undue alarm? Are there a specific set of steps that companies should follow when tackling this project? And are there any good evaluation tools to assess how effective/complete our descriptions are? —New Definitions, OD administrator, health care, Scottsdale, Arizona
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