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Begin attracting and engaging candidates effortlessly with iCIMS Connect. These potential applicants may not yet be ready to apply for a job, but are interested in the company's employment brand. Bring them in through a fully branded Social Connect portal and leverage powerful CRM capabilities to communicate with passive candidates. Once candidates are ready to apply, tap into iCIMS Recruit capabilities to offer a positive candidate experience, improve recruitment cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, and reduce your paperwork all while having greater access to key metrics and analytics. Easily identify the most qualified candidates through configurable software that allows you to eliminate paper processes, automate communications, and manage your workflow. After you’ve sourced, recruited, and hired top talent, welcome new employees into the nest with iCIMS Onboard. Improve the process of converting candidates into productive employees through a branded and engaging onboarding portal, iForm submission capabilities, and powerful reporting. Your newest hires will feel right at home and ready to work, flattening their learning curve and speeding their time to productivity. For more information view our demo:


13 Tips: Comprehensive Recruiting from Sourcing to Onboarding

July 31, 2013
Guarantee that every aspect of your recruitment program is at its best, from sourcing to onboarding with 13 HR Tips. Download this educational document now to get a jump-start on updating your recruitment goals.

Top 5 Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Existing ATS

July 31, 2013
Selecting an ATS provider that is aligned with your companyâ??s needs will enhance talent management, target goals and improve business as a whole. This whitepaper will discuss the top 5 reasons why replacing your existing ATS can ultimately help achieve business initiatives with more efficient and powerful processes. Sponsored by iCIMS.

Challenge the Status Quo with a Smarter Approach to the Global Talent Crisis

July 23, 2013
To help organizations find a smarter way out of the talent crisis, the Director of Research at the world's leading learning analytics firm compared the results of Skillsoft elearning to classroom and internally developed elearning benchmarks. Download this white paper to see the results.

Scaling Up Social Recruiting

July 23, 2013
To fully realize the benefits of social recruiting and maximize the return on investment, job postings must be optimized in terms of format, content, and delivery time. Job postings need to be social media optimized (SMO) to deliver results. Learn more in this free white paper from iCIMS.

Effective Onboarding Tools for 2013

July 22, 2013
With onboarding technology, you can leverage branded and engaging onboarding portal, electronic onboarding form submission, powerful reporting tools and more. Your newest hires will feel right at home and ready to work, flattening their learning curve and speeding their time to productivity. Learn more by viewing this short product video of iCIMS Onboard.

Grow Your Passive Talent Pools

July 19, 2013
Are you interested in growing your passive talent pools? Bring potential candidates in through a fully branded Social Connect Portal. Manage larger talent pools by function and communicate with potential candidates through personalized, branded messages. Free Webinar Recording. Sponsored by iCIMS.

Recruiting in 2013

July 18, 2013
In 2013, it's time to get your recruitment processes up to par by automating and optimizing your hiring processes. Get your jobs in front of more people faster with branded career portals. Leverage a communications tool to keep candidates engaged throughout the pre-hire process...

Recruiting in 2013

July 18, 2013

Navigating the Affordable Care Act

July 3, 2013
Download this practical guide to learn how workforce management tools minimize the administrative burden of ACA requirements by providing high-quality information. Learn how easy it could be to track, automate, and analyze data from across your organization. Sponsored by Kronos.

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