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Teaching Time: Training, Framing, Retaining, Sustaining

April 22, 2013
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Training, framing, retaining and sustaining are keys to obtaining lasting business, behavioral and cultural results.
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Stihl Tools Its Training to Olympic Standards

March 5, 2013
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Dealerships that pay for technicians to attend the tool-maker's school may receive higher reimbursement levels, though maintaining quality of service and reputation primarily drive participation.
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Status Update: Using Social Media for Learning Gets Better Foothold in Workplace

January 30, 2013
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Large U.S. firms tripled their spending on social tools such as internal blogs, wikis and communities of practice in 2012, a new report says.
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The New Recipe for Workforce Innovation

January 17, 2013
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To cook up greater creativity, organizations ought to update their approach to collaboration, compensation and culture.
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Whirlpool Adopts E-Learning for Leadership

November 14, 2012
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Until the recession hit, the U.S.-based appliance-maker steadfastly avoided online training in favor of classrooms. Now, it's a proponent of virtual online learning.
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How Should We Use Retirees to Train Our Younger Workers?

June 28, 2012
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Our organization would like to implement cross-training in light of a large number of seasoned employees who are approaching retirement. How can we go about keeping these experienced folks on as consultants after they retire? What is the key to making this solution work? —Training and Retaining, human resources director, services, Colton, California
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Improving Employee Productivity with Social Tools

These days you'll notice an emerging trend - tech-savvy 'millennials' are becoming an ever greater percentage of the workforce. And, as millennials fill more cubicles and offices, America's corporate culture is changing rapidly...

Six Ways to Dial In Your Talent Strategy

More than ever, talent managers find themselves at the center of HR strategy. Talent is top of mind in the C-suite. Business leaders see the global skills shortage as a significant business risk because they have seen talent constraints impact the growth and profitability of their organizations over the past 12 months. As a result, 23 percent of global CEOs expect "major change" in the way their organizations manage talent.

Best Practices: Five ways learning managers can make a strategic contribution

The reality of business today means that organizations will have to grow the talent they need when they can't find it. Developing talent internally over the long term will be most of the solution. You'll want some recommendations in your back pocket when your CEO turns to you for answers... Sponsored by SuccessFactors.

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