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Money Network, A First Data Company

Money Network, A First Data Company
Money Network is backed by the size and financial stability of First Data Corporation, which is Money Network’s parent company. First Data, an $11.5 billion private company and member of the Fortune 250, is the world’s largest payments processing leader with more than 40 years of global expertise and hundreds of products across 28 categories. First Data serves more than 6 million merchant locations with thousands of card issuers and millions of consumers worldwide. Money Network, First Data’s leading solution in the payroll industry today, serves over 3,600 clients and delivers $12 billion in payroll funds to over 1.5 million Accountholders. Money Network enables organizations to reach 100% electronic distribution of pay while providing major company cost savings and significant benefits for employees. The robust, “pay-to-the-penny” solution includes a Money Network® Card (which works like a debit card and may be branded Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover®) and Money Network™ Checks, to ensure compliance with payroll laws across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The Money Network Service provides a safe and convenient pay alternative for all employees, those that may or may not have a traditional banking relationship.

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