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New. Different. Better. The State of Workplace Culture

Many organizations have tasked their human resources departments with changing the culture at their workplaces.There are many reasons, including increasing employee engagement and decreasing attrition. However, change doesn’t come quickly; many organizations are currently in the early stages of culture change and those who have begun the process say it can take time — up to three years or more. Although change won’t be swift, organizations have the support of senior executives, who are heavily involved in setting strategy and identifying mission and values before turning the process over to HR.


Leading the Way: Standing out from the Crowd (June 2015)

The job market for human resources and labor relations specialists has been highly competitive recently and shows no signs of slowing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for HR professionals will grow only 7 percent from 2012–2022, slower than the national average. How can HR professionals distinguish themselves in such a tight market?


Special Report: EAP Providers (June 2015)

Today's benefit managers have their hands full. The Affordable Care Act legislation and its rapidly approaching deadlines and penalties have made issues such as compliance and exchanges top priority. It's no wonder employee assistance programs seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle.