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Harvard Business Review Report – Frontline Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed?

April 1, 2015

The goal of this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey was to understand how important frontline managers are to organizational success, to what extent frontline manager effectiveness impacts business performance, and whether frontline managers are given enough support and leadership development to optimally fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

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The Future of Work has Arrived

The line of demarcation between 'personal' and 'work' life has officially blurred. With the onset of the cloud, social, mobile technologies for enterprise, your workplace is more multi-dimensional and connected than ever. And the millennial are here.

Modern workers want real-time communication, mobile file-sharing, cloud project management, virtual workspaces, a fresh take on traditional performance evaluations�??�?�¢??and it doesn't end there.

Download this white paper to learn how to reimagine your workspace and prepare for the inevitabilities of the future.

SHRM/Globoforce Report: Driving Stronger Performance through Employee Recognition

As human capital becomes the foremost challenge for companies worldwide, employee engagement has become an important strategy for success. In this report, more than 800 HR leaders and practitioners share their perspectives on innovations and technologies that are changing the way people are managed and measured.

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A Blueprint for Maximizing Recognition

Design your Recognition Program for True Business Results


Is your recognition program designed to maximize your bottom line business results? Will it directly help you to manage your talent and your culture? This at-a-glance best practices guide will give you goals and guidelines for building a recognition program that will:

  • Calibrate recognition for maximum employee engagement
  • Offer a new way to measure performance
  • Provide real-time metrics for measuring & managing your culture

Download the Recognition Blueprint now sponsored by Globoforce.

Case Study: How JetBlue is Driving Culture and Engagement through Recognition

Can you Tap into the Wisdom of Your Workforce? Joanna Geraghty from JetBlue can. JetBlue's Lift program provides deep insights into the company's performance and culture management, powered by peer feedback and directly linked to the airline's core values.
Sponsored by Globoforce.

10 Eye-Opening HR Statistics That Will Strengthen Your Talent Strategy

We've gathered up 10 of the timeliest HR statistics for you to consider from a variety of renowned sources. These statistics serve as powerful catalysts for transformation, helping you take critical action toward strengthening your organization's HR business strategy and function.

Learning in the Cloud: 10 Factors to Consider

Cloud solutions are the new normal as organizations opt to deploy more business systems "in the cloud." For learning professionals, cloud-based solutions provide a wide range of benefits from cost savings to decreased delivery time, to global reach. Before selecting a cloud-based learning provider, you should understand all the benefits and be prepared to ask potential providers critical questions regarding the architecture and management of the service you are considering. This white paper explores 10 factors you should review in this process.

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