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What Are Some Best Practices for Rewriting Job Descriptions?

July 10, 2013
We are in the process of rewriting job descriptions. What are some effective ways to do this without causing undue alarm? Are there a specific set of steps that companies should follow when tackling this project? And are there any good evaluation tools to assess how effective/complete our descriptions are? —New Definitions, OD administrator, health care, Scottsdale, Arizona
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SHRM: Design for the Future

June 3, 2013
Workforce revisits a story we did five years ago on the HR profession's largest association--the Society for Human Resource Management. We found that while SHRM members are generally happy with the organization, some critics still take issue with SHRM's direction.
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How Do I Unite Leaders Divided On HR's Value?

April 17, 2013
I was recently promoted to handle all human resources at our 100-employee company, but I also still serve as top assistant to our company president. This has sparked a debate, with some senior leaders arguing we don't need a fulltime HR function. Our president now isn't sure whether to keep the HR function or just keep me as his assistant. How do I convince top brass that HR is more than just keeping track of personnel files and benefits? — Caught in the Not-So-Friendly Crossfire, HR director, publishing/communication/advertising, Owosso, Michigan
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