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Pre-employment Assessment and Testing

Pre-employment Assessment and Testing


How Do We Get Employees to Mentor?

June 30, 2014

What do we do when experienced employees don't want to mentor fresh blood? Specializing in products for which experienced talent is hard to recruit, my company has to focus a lot on developing new talent and training them on the technical skills to build a critical talent pipeline. Because of the overall economic volatility, the employees feel insecure of losing what they have. We have found out through exit interviews that young talent is leaving us because they receive little help and training from their seniors. We suspect fear of losing their current position is the reason. What do we do?

— No One Cares Here, manufacturing/production, Lahore, India

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What Is a Foolproof Method to Test for Analytical Skills?

October 2, 2012

Our new accountants generally do a fine job dealing with routine compliance issues. When it comes to analytical skills, however, most of them are severely lacking. They are unable to project or think beyond the basic answers.

It's easy to test for and to teach basic skills. But how do we test people's analytical skills?
Final Analysis, hiring manager, financial services, Plantation, Florida

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