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What's the Tipping Point for Turnover?

September 15, 2014

We may have an attrition problem, but I'm not quite sure. Our turnover is between 12 and 15 percent the last three years, but this year is ticking closer to 20 percent. This does not include involuntary terminations due to downsizing/restructuring. We know some turnover is due to market factors, and some due to cultural growing pains (we've doubled in size the last five years). From an analytic view, how could we determine if our turnover might present a future lingering problem?

—Starting to Worry, HR manager, software/services, Minnesota

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The FMLA, the ADA and No-Fault Attendance Policies

July 2, 2013
Employers have a lot to gain from no-fault attendance policies. In deciding whether to adopt or continue a no-fault attendance policy, however, employers must carefully balance those benefits against the risk of FMLA or ADA violations.
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28 Days Later? Passage of Time May Allow Employers to Recertify FMLA Claims

April 9, 2013
Managing FMLA leave, and particularly managing intermittent FMLA leave, is one of the most challenging tasks for employers. What qualifies as “significantly changed circumstances” will vary from case to case. Do not mistake this case as carte blanche to demand a recertification after every prolonged period of absence.
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We Are Beset by Shoddy Attendance. Should We Fire Everyone and Recruit New Workers?

December 6, 2012
In the last year we have had an influx of new hires who are either unable to come to work on time or call in to report that they won't be coming to work. We have a firm policy on attendance and timeliness and terminate after several warnings. How should we address this issue in a way that reinforces the importance of timeliness? Are other companies having this problem? Should we just begin firing people and start the recruitment process all over again? —Fed Up, business services, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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