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How Much Love Should We Show for Our Temporary Workers?

February 25, 2014
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We’re hearing more people talk about engagement for contractors and temporary staff, or contingency labor. While this sounds great in theory, how plausible is it? And does it carry the same weight as engaging our direct hires?

 — Enough Worries, project manager, architectural manufacturing, Memphis

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How Should We Treat Our Contingent Workforce?

December 4, 2013
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We are an apparel maker that uses contingent workers for a variety of high-level tasks, such as designers and engineering. Is it important for us to engage them like our paid staff, and if so, why and how do we do it? 

—Laboring to Make the Connection, generalist, manufacturer, Memphis, Tennessee

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Ho-Ho-Oh-No: Holiday Hiring May Not Be So Jolly This Year

November 10, 2013
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Retail hiring is expected to be high this year, but it’s not expected to surpass last year’s ultimate total — the highest in 12 years.
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Not-So-Temporary Solutions

October 16, 2013
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With issues like the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act, employers are still hesitant to commit to full-time hires and are looking to temporary staffing to fill the void. Hot List and Data Bank within.
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Survey: More Companies, Jobs to Head Back into Chicago

October 10, 2012
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Almost 80 percent of 12,000 area professionals surveyed by Ernst & Young LLP say they believe companies will keep moving from the suburbs to Chicago.
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