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How Do I Unite Leaders Divided On HR's Value?

April 17, 2013
I was recently promoted to handle all human resources at our 100-employee company, but I also still serve as top assistant to our company president. This has sparked a debate, with some senior leaders arguing we don't need a fulltime HR function. Our president now isn't sure whether to keep the HR function or just keep me as his assistant. How do I convince top brass that HR is more than just keeping track of personnel files and benefits? — Caught in the Not-So-Friendly Crossfire, HR director, publishing/communication/advertising, Owosso, Michigan
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How Do I Break Into Other HR Areas Besides Recruiting?

June 19, 2012
After six years as a human resources professional, I have wandered from my original career path. I had intended to eventually become a generalist, but in my last two jobs I've been asked to do mostly recruiting, mostly because my managers didn't want to do it. I recently was laid off and now get job offers only for staffing/recruiting positions. How do I break into other areas: employee relations, training and performance management? —Unwilling Recruiter, services, England
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How do We Sustain Collaboration Between Business Units as Our HR Function Moves to a Different Floor?

November 11, 2011
As part of an expansion, our company plans to shift the human resources and finance departments to different floors, away from the business. We're not changing our HR focus or team structure, but I'm worried we'll lose the tight interaction HR has with business units. Another concern: if HR becomes a destination, instead of a quick Q&A in the hallway, employees and managers may feel less comfortable approaching us. How do we sustain our collaborative culture during this transition?
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