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What Suits Today's Recruits?

February 25, 2014

What do recruits want most today? Is money still the key factor or is professional development more important? It's sometimes hard to tell what we should tout.

Inquiring Mind, manager, consumer products, Sri Lanka

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How Do I Find a Recruiter Specializing in Engineers?

October 25, 2013

How do I search for, and select, a recruiting firm to help us find engineers? Specifically, my customer group has about 15 very specific, hard-to-fill engineering openings. We're already using social media and have considered advertising in trade publications, but we also need a more targeted approach.


Dear Recruiting a Recruiter, manufacturing, Dearborn, Michigan

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Six Ways to Make Video Interviewing Work for You

Six Ways to Make Video Interviewing Work for You

The Recruiterâ??s Insider Series: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program

The Recruiterâ??s Insider Series: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program

Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2013

Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2013

4 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for the Recruiting Platform You Need

4 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for the Recruiting Platform You Need

Video Technology and the Modern Recruiting Process

Technology and the world of recruiting have changed dramatically in recent years, allowing employers to have better access to innovative tools to drive recruiting efforts and increase ROI. Learn more in this whitepaper from iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute what video technology can do to proactively support your recruiting staff, increase candidate engagement, and decrease your bottom line.

iCIMS Recruit Guide

Are you in the market for new applicant tracking or candidate management solution? Review this quick guide of iCIMS Recruit, an easy-to-use configurable software solution that enables talent acquisition professionals to effectively screen hire, and recruit top talent. After reviewing this you'll have a better understanding of the features, benefits, integrations, and areas of innovations that iCIMS offers to companies of all sizes and industries.

iCIMS Connect Guide

It's never too late to start building your passive candidate pipeline! Learn more about iCIMS Connect, a recruitment CRM tool, in this quick guide to better understand how you can attract and engage candidates who might not be ready to apply for a job. iCIMS Connect allows candidates to link in with your company using their preferred social media profile and on their mobile device while providing you with the easy-to-use platform for effificent candidate communication and engagement. Start learning now how you can stregthen your long-term sourcing strategy today.

iCIMS Onboard Guide

Did you know that organizations with a standard onboarding process experienced 54% greater new hire productivity? Read the iCIMS Onboard Guide to learn how you can save your team time, money, and redundant heachable with an auotmated onboarding program. Some benefits include streamlined management of W-9 and I-9 completion processes, higher level of new hire engagement, and an easy-to-use onboarding portal for all new employees.

The Rise of Mobile Technology in Talent Acquisition

Having a mobile presence is imperative for organizations, especially when it comes to reaching and engaging with top talent. Learn more about the rise of mobile technology and how to provide the best mobile candidate experience to talent that wants to connect with your company on-the-go.

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