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Oracle Human Capital Management enables organizations to modernize the HR practice. The Oracle HCM portfolio offers a complete HCM that delivers three key areas. Oracle HCM provides the right business intelligence and tools and technology to drive insight, adoption and productivity. Oracle HCM delivers a complete, compliant, and global HCM suite to enable delivery of best practice human resources while balancing efficiency and service. Oracle delivers a best of breed talent cloud so that organizations can attract, motivate, and reward talent in alignment with the business. Oracle's global, web-based, application platform is designed for organizations of every size, industry, and region. And only Oracle Human Capital Management gives you your choice of deployment options: Cloud, On Premise or a hybrid of both. Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 18,000 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


Top 10 Talent Management Best Practices for 2013

In today's lean business environment, your people are an asset that can be dramatically leveraged to increase success. This executive brief investigates how organizations can better understand the talent that is driving results.

Oracle Human Capital Management - Changes in HR and Talent Strategies that Drive Business Growth

The pace of business is accelerating, with internet and communications technologies allowing organizations to move with unprecedented speed. Executing new strategies, developing new products and services, or operating in new geographies are all business challenges that leaders now face with regularity. In light of these rapid business changes, organizations are acknowledging that they need to fundamentally change the way they manage people in order to ensure that they have the talent they need. According to the 15th Annual PricewaterhouseCoopers CEO Survey, 78 percent of CEOs expect to change their strategies for managing talent. This strategy brief outlines how Oracle's human capital management (HCM) solutions enable organizations to drive these urgently needed changes in two important ways. Oracle delivers the industry's most complete, flexible and global technology foundation to help companies simplify how they manage people and empower organizations to build the best talent to drive existing and new business strategies.

CEO Perspectives: How HR Can Take a Bigger Role in Driving Growth

Two dominant trends are potentially reshaping the role of the HR function in the corporate world. The first relates to the rapid growth of the knowledge economy. In this environment, a committed, appropriately skilled and prudently deployed workforce is critical in order to develop new products and outstrip the competition. Second, many administrative functions that were formerly handled by HR departments, such as payroll and pensions, have now been farmed out to third parties. Indeed, research reveals that more than two-thirds of companies outsource a portion of their HR functions. This report by the Economist Intelligence Unit investigates whether the HR function is forging a close and robust relationship with the CEO. It also explores the nature of these working relationships, how they have been affected by the economic downturn and how they vary across industries and regions.

Infographic: The Relationship between C-suite and HR

Today many executives have high expectations of their human resources leaders. This infographic states facts about the relationship between the C-suite and HR.

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